How The Cloud Makes Hotels More Efficient To Operate

North American hotels are experiencing record revenue as the economy continues to grow. In January the U.S. added 200,000 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, the U.S. economy experienced job growth for 88 months in a row, according to a report by NPR. But there is a downside of all this [...]

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SkyTouch to provide Cloud-based PMS to its growing portfolio of hotels

“As a brand, we evaluate and select leading technology solutions that make life easier for our hotel owners and staff and create a better experience for our guests,” said Jon Kennedy, president of GrandStay Hospitality, LLC. “Because we are a 24-hour operation, we also needed support that is available 24 hours a day by phone, email [...]

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Soaring in the cloud vs. being grounded with premise-based PMS

Hoteliers still utilizing an on premise-based property management system are missing out on an opportunity. Cloud-based property management systems (PMS), such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS®, have reinvented how hotels interact with data, giving them more control, options and flexibility. Cloud-based systems can also help decrease costs across multiple areas within the hotel. Here’s how [...]

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Power of the Cloud webinar now available On Demand!

The cloud is transforming the hospitality industry in exciting ways, but not everyone understands the direct correlation between the cloud and the new era property management systems (PMS). To show how a cloud-based PMS can reorient hotel operations, SkyTouch Technology partnered with Hotel Management magazine for the webinar titled “Want More From Your PMS? Look [...]

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Power of the Cloud PMS Webinar Coming March 16!

While traditional, premise based PMS systems, are still loved by many users, the next generation of property management systems are here. And leveraging the power of the internet through what’s commonly called the cloud is giving hoteliers more functionality, flexibility and control over their hotel than ever before. Rather, than having the PMS’s brains within [...]

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Your Customer is Changing. Here’s Why You Must Change Too.

The typical hotel customer is changing. Technology, social shifts and other consumer trends are combining to create a new class of customer; one that’s savvy, has increased expectations, and knows exactly what they want. To keep up, hoteliers must arm themselves with the latest strategies capitalizing on current and emerging hospitality trends. We know; you [...]

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IHMRS – See SkyTouch Technology’s Cloud Hotel Software

The International Hotel, Motel, & Restaurant Show (IHMRS) is in full swing! With only ONE day left, visitors can stop by Booth 3055 to demo our cloud hotel software PMS… and even enter for a chance to win an action video camera after the show! With over 16,000 hospitality industry attendees present, IHMRS is the [...]

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Top 10 Benefits Of The Cloud

There’s never been a better time to switch to cloud computing. As business technology quickly changes, gone are the days when companies need huge amounts of hardware and office space to hold servers and information data centers. Here are 10 reasons why cloud computing will make your business more efficient, more flexible, and best of [...]

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Comparing Cloud Technology Services

In previous posts we've talked about the rising growth and technological advantages of cloud computing across all industries, especially in hospitality brands like hotels. For those who might not be completely up to speed on the latest cloud technology services, we’re going to break it down in a simple overview that will help you understand [...]

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The Future of Cloud Computing

As we head into 2014, the outlook is bright for the future of cloud computing. More and more companies are turning to virtual data centers to help with their business. The time when only niche businesses could turn to the cloud to find solutions is ending fast. Moving forward, businesses of all sizes and all [...]

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