The cloud is transforming the hospitality industry in exciting ways, but not everyone understands the direct correlation between the cloud and the new era property management systems (PMS). To show how a cloud-based PMS can reorient hotel operations, SkyTouch Technology partnered with Hotel Management magazine for the webinar titled “Want More From Your PMS? Look to the Power of the Cloud.”

During the webinar, industry experts shared how switching to a cloud-based PMS changed the way they run their hotels; for the better.

Larry Hall, managing Director Trillium Services Group, explained cloud-based computing is improving the way the hotel industry leverages technological opportunity.

“In the last five years, the hotel industry has come of age, and we have accepted the cloud as the platform of choice. We have gone from skepticism to mandate by many companies in a short period of time,” he said. “We see more innovations coming to the hotel industry because of the cloud and the cloud platform.”

Another panelist, Susan Guimbellot, VP of Revenue & Channel Strategy with HVMG, a leading hotel management company, said being tied to a server caused her company access and productivity challenges. By switching to a cloud-based product, she alleviated many challenges.  “The cloud gets rid of a lot of headaches and conflict. It lets you be a productive worker,” she said, adding it allows for more flexibility empowering hoteliers to work from anywhere at any time, as long as there is an internet connection.

Guimbellot said this meshes with societal lifestyle changes by allowing people to keep their eye on something while out of the office. One example she gave, an employee brings an iPad to the gym and keeps it on the treadmill to keep up on property level functions.

With now more than 7,000 properties that have levered the power of the SkyTouch Hotel OS, many hoteliers have found higher productivity with their cloud PMS.

SkyTouch customer, Steve Baggett, General Manager of the 37-room Cobblestone Hotel & Suites, Newton, IL, refered to SkyTouch Hotel OS as a “wonderful, easy to use PMS system.” He said on the webinar that he’s finding success with automated rate changing features based on preprogrammed thresholds. “If occupancy goes above a certain point, rates automatically increase. And I can change them anytime on my own.”

He also mentioned he likes the reports, which better help him understand critical information, such as his overall business mix. Baggett said that in 2016, he used insight gleaned from reports to understand he had a disproportionate amount of corporate business compared to leisure business. That understanding allowed him to adapt, ultimately helping to increase his hotel revenue nine percent last year in a market that rose just four percent.

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