How to Fully Integrate Your Property Management System Technology

  Looking for smooth operations in your hospitality business? Explore the seamless fusion of property management technology to boost efficiency and elevate guest satisfaction. We'll delve into the vital role of integration, navigate the process of selecting the perfect tech stack, and provide insights on how to fully integrate your [...]

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Addressing Hotel Occupancy Fluctuations

At SkyTouch Technology, we harness our industry expertise to offer dynamic software solutions, tailor-made to help you navigate these hurdles and foster hotel success. Simplifying Hotel Occupancy Fluctuations Influences such as seasonal demand, economic changes, and external events like natural disasters or political happenings regularly contribute to occupancy fluctuations. Applying [...]

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How to Manage Your Hotel’s Online Reputation

In today's digitally connected society, understanding how to manage your hotel's online reputation has transitioned from a luxury to a necessity. With the increasing influence of online reviews and social media on consumers' decision-making, it is crucial for hoteliers to take a proactive stance on hotel reputation management. In [...]

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Overcoming Challenges in Hotel Management | SkyTouch Technology

In the realm of hospitality, hoteliers face a myriad of obstacles. From staffing shortages to financial constraints and evolving guest expectations, addressing these issues requires proactive solutions. At SkyTouch Technology, we draw upon our industry expertise to offer robust software solutions tailored to navigate these challenges and drive hotel success. [...]

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Why is Rate Management Important?

Stressed worrying about adjusting rates based on continually changing market demand for any given night? With a powerful rate management tool incorporated into your hotel Property Management System (PMS), you can help eliminate stress through automatic rate setting and optimization. How? Through a 'Best Available Rate' (BAR) pricing strategy. A [...]

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A few missed dollars of ADR can leave money on the table

Hoteliers looking to push average daily rate (ADR) might not realize there is opportunity to ratchet it up even more. It’s not an indication of skill set or effort, but more about not knowing what they don’t know. But you can find out just how much by yourself. SkyTouch has [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Get SkyTouch Cloud Hotel PMS

When it comes to what is important to your bottom line, SkyTouch Hotel OS® (cloud hotel PMS) delivers what you need, from wherever you are. From sales, staff management, guest services, marketing, and tracking features to an in-depth selection of reports, our platform helps you streamline your operations and maximize [...]

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SkyTouch Achieves Significant Milestone with over 1,000 Hotels creating the 5 millionth Digital Registration Card

A widely used cloud-based property management system (PMS), SkyTouch Technology, has accomplished a significant milestone with hotels using SkyTouch GT. With 5 million digital registration cards created, the SkyTouch GT program facilitates efficiency and expediency at check-in to enhance guest experience. SkyTouch Technology, a leading provider of a cloud-based property [...]

CSM Corner | Hotel Customer Success Manager

At SkyTouch Technology, our values serve as a compass, providing guidance and reference, and customer success is at the heart of everything we do. Our Customer Success Managers (CSM) are here to support you throughout your journey with SkyTouch Technology. CSMs provide ongoing value to our customers by providing guidance, [...]

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SkyTouch Security Best Practices

At SkyTouch Technology, we follow security best practices to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our systems. Here’s just a couple of examples of how we stay up to date with security. On a regular basis we . . . scan our environment and partner with third parties to [...]

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8 Best Practices to Improve Hotel Customer Service

Customer service, especially during the busy season, is crucial to the success of any hotel. Today there are more ways than ever to attract guests, however it is essential that hoteliers don't lose sight of customer service best practices. We've compiled the following 8 proven practices that are sure to [...]

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Guest Messaging

Looking for a solution that adds that personal touch to your property? Our guest messaging /CONNECT integrations let your property directly contact guests before, during, and after their trip. Using this modern amenity, your guests will be able to connect with your property on a deeper level, giving a friendly [...]

Vendor Spotlight: MOP by Visual Matrix

MOP by Visual Matrix provide hotels and resorts with an integrated system that helps manage tasks like housekeeping, maintenance, preventative maintenance, room inspections, and front desk as well as providing guest texting and Alexa voice services in one easy to use mobile and desktop web application. This helps with improving [...]

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An Exciting Offer from Shift 4

Shift 4 Payments and SkyTouch Technology have partnered to provide a scalable, all-in-one hospitality solution that enhances the guest experience by streamlining hotel operations and improving payment processing. Whether you operate independent hotels, franchise properties, or an entire hotel chain, you can save time and money by leveraging Shift 4 [...]

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Tips, Tricks, and Hacks- Help Center

During the pandemic, SkyTouch began anticipating the return to business operations by creating the Help Center. The Help Center gives our customers the ability to address a variety of situations where the user may have forgotten how to complete a specific task in SkyTouch HOS. The Help Center offers guided [...]

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