How Mobile Technology Can Help Reduce Housekeeping Costs

By far, labor is the largest expense for a hotel operator. In fact, according to CBRE Hotels Americas, total labor costs and related expenses totals on average 42.8 percent of all hotel related expenses. So, it’s no surprise smart hoteliers are always looking for ways to cut costs. But for many, cutting back on guest [...]

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Remote Housekeeping: A Mobile Solution for Your Mobile Staff

Housekeepers are always on the move in a hotel, and traditionally have long relied on pre-printed reports from their property management system (PMS) to help them keep track of which rooms to clean and what type of service to provide. The problem with these housekeeping reports is that they are often stale as soon as [...]

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Hotels Can Reduce Clutter & Improve Efficiency with Mobile Housekeeping Management

Imagine managing housekeeping functions with a simple click instead of a clunky clipboard. Hotels who migrate their property management systems to a cloud-based hotel PMS like the SkyTouch Hotel OS® system gain the advantage of making housekeeping, and a plethora of other daily hotel operations functions, easier, more efficient, and cost effective! Consider these common [...]

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