As we head into 2014, the outlook is bright for the future of cloud computing. More and more companies are turning to virtual data centers to help with their business. The time when only niche businesses could turn to the cloud to find solutions is ending fast. Moving forward, businesses of all sizes and all industries are discovering their future lies in the cloud.

Expect 2014 to be the year that cloud computing enters the mainstream technological language. Experts are predicting a 25% increase in spending across all sectors of the virtual data center industry with some estimates reaching over $100 billion for the coming year; a dollar amount that should grab your attention no matter what business you are associated with.
As spending increases, the technology will become even more sophisticated to better serve the needs of cloud computing customers. From advanced security measures to faster data retrieval, new breakthroughs will result in higher adoption rates across all industry sectors.

There will be a big learning curve for businesses that hesitate to make the leap to cloud computing down the road instead of this coming year. If your business already embraces virtual data, then make sure to stay up to date on the latest news and trends that will make your business even easier to run by following SkyTouch TechnologyTM as new advancements emerge. If your company is still using hardware and traditional servers, there’s never been a better time to switch to cloud computing than right now.

We are excited about our participation in the upcoming HTNG Strategic Leadership Engagement Series. We will be speaking about operating in the hybrid cloud. Stay tuned for upcoming FAQs, success checklists and a collaborative view of how to maximize the benefit of the cloud for your hotel.