There’s never been a better time to switch to cloud computing. As business technology quickly changes, gone are the days when companies need huge amounts of hardware and office space to hold servers and information data centers. Here are 10 reasons why cloud computing will make your business more efficient, more flexible, and best of all, more profitable.

1. Financial Savings
Unlike expensive hardware solutions, cloud computing is a low cost way to host your company’s information in one easy to access place.

2. Streamlined Operations
When your business switches to the cloud, everything you need could be in one place, from reservation information, employee records, and budgeting data.

3. Flexibility
You can literally run your business from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, giving office space a whole new meaning.

4. Decreased costs
Virtual data centers allow businesses to shift much of their work to technological automation rather than having employees keep track of costs, reservations, and more.

5. Quick training
Cloud systems are easily accessible, making it simple and economical to bring new team members on board without time lost on lengthy technology process tutorials. Remote installation and training may also be available, like SkyTouch Technology® offers.

6. Global Capabilities
The moment you move to cloud computing, the system can be used by people around the globe, so employees can now be hired across borders.

7. Scalability
If your company grows fast, your new operating system can keep up when all of your data is accessible in the cloud.

8. Speed
The cloud moves fast and if you encounter any problems, customer service representatives are on hand to help you out 24-hours a day. No need to wait for the IT team to come in the next morning.

9. More Security
Yes, we said more security! Unlike onsite data centers, clouds are much harder to breach leaving your company’s vital information safe at all times.

10. More Resources
With the saving you’ll earn, you can invest more money into growing your company instead of wasting money on expensive servers and IT costs.

Stay tuned as we continue our engagement series. We will soon be discussing the technical and cultural changes to consider when moving to the cloud.