Addressing Hotel Occupancy Fluctuations

At SkyTouch Technology, we harness our industry expertise to offer dynamic software solutions, tailor-made to help you navigate these hurdles and foster hotel success. Simplifying Hotel Occupancy Fluctuations Influences such as seasonal demand, economic changes, and external events like natural disasters or political happenings regularly contribute to occupancy fluctuations. Applying revenue management techniques, extending enticing [...]

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Why is Rate Management Important?

Stressed worrying about adjusting rates based on continually changing market demand for any given night? With a powerful rate management tool incorporated into your hotel Property Management System (PMS), you can help eliminate stress through automatic rate setting and optimization. How? Through a 'Best Available Rate' (BAR) pricing strategy. A Best Available Rate pricing strategy [...]

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An Exciting Offer from Shift 4

Shift 4 Payments and SkyTouch Technology have partnered to provide a scalable, all-in-one hospitality solution that enhances the guest experience by streamlining hotel operations and improving payment processing. Whether you operate independent hotels, franchise properties, or an entire hotel chain, you can save time and money by leveraging Shift 4 Payments’ secure payment processing platform. [...]

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Revenue Management ‘During Emergencies’

With a series of massive tornado's and thunderstorms affecting many areas of the country, it is a grim reminder that disaster can strike at anytime and anywhere. From the east coast, to the west coast and everywhere in between, hoteliers need to be prepared for storms and how to properly manage their hotel while keeping [...]

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Have a Happier Holiday & Increase your Bottom Line

The Time is Now to Maximize Holiday Income for your Hotel Just last month, AAA reported travel volume for Thanksgiving was the highest since 2005. Nearly 50 million people traveled more than 50 miles for the holiday.   That’s right, even more people are traveling in 2018 than during the height of the last economic [...]

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The Newest Iteration of Rate Management – Part 8

Be Open with your Rate Management Being flexible with rate management allows hoteliers to think in creative ways that can make hotels more money. The newest iteration of revenue management; understanding the total value of the customer rather than just what they pay on rate.   Time for a quick quiz. Which guest is more [...]

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Being Flexible with your Rate Management – Part 7

It’s time to cozy up to the BAR That’s Best Available Rate, of course, and by focusing a revenue management strategy around Best Available Rate, hoteliers are successfully pushing the average rate charged per room by more accurately leveraging the all-powerful supply vs. demand equation.   However, to fully maximize the opportunity to charge the [...]

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Millennials and Modern Mobility

Millennials are set to be the largest active adult generation in 2019, surpassing Baby Boomers, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. So, what does this mean for the hotel industry and its technology and why should we care?   Technologically Savvy Millennial hoteliers have reached the age where they are taking over hotel ownership. Parents are passing [...]

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Setting Hotel Rates for a Happy Holiday Season

Now that we’re deep into the fall travel and conference season, it’s time to start thinking about holiday season. Sure, some parts of the country may feel like summer, but with Halloween decorations popping up everywhere, hoteliers must start thinking about selling rooms at the best possible rate between now and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New [...]

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4 Tips to Help you Optimize your Hotel’s Revenue

Managing hotel revenue has become an increasingly complex endeavor as individual skills and technology constantly advance. Long gone are the days of setting rates once a year, or even setting rates seasonally. Now, it’s about constantly adjusting rates along with the ebb and flow of demand. Complicating matters, we’re entering a post revenue management world. [...]

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