SkyTouch launches learning management system

SkyTouch Technology launched the SkyTouch University learning management tool, and enhancements to its SkyTouch customer community. SkyTouch customers can now customize training modules to educate staff regarding on-property best practices, and processes for achieving key objectives, such as improving the guest experience and driving revenue. Read full article here.

Two Ways That Technology Can Mitigate Rising Labor Costs

North American hotels are experiencing record revenue as the economy continues to grow, but there is a downside to all this economic growth. Wages in the hotel business are rising faster than rates, which can cut into a hotel’s margins. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that total compensation for U.S. hospitality employees has increased [...]

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More ‘New’ Hotels Coming. Are you Ready?

Rapid new hotel development and increased renovations of older properties have transformed local and regional markets across the United States, forcing many hoteliers to consider new strategies to stay competitive. According to Lodging Econometrics, by the end of 2018, the number of hotels and rooms in the United States is forecast to grow by 2.5%. [...]

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It’s 2018… Now What? Tips for Hospitality Industry Success in the New Year

It’s a new year. That makes it a time chock full of potential opportunity and possibility for your hotel business. However, to find maximum success in 2018, it’s critical to be aware of the mega trends shaping the current and future state of the hospitality industry. Here are three issues you should be aware of [...]

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New Year, New PMS

If you’re thinking about securing a new cloud-based property management system for 2018, now’s the time to act. By making the switch now, you may be in a great position to secure a full year’s worth of data come the end of 2018. That could be essential for your business. Use that data to help [...]

5 Ways Cloud-Based Front Desk Software Smooths Operations

Front desk software for hotels may be the most critical success element for any property. Even world class hoteliers find themselves hobbled when stuck using an outmoded property management system. In fact, many hoteliers don’t even realize the hotel front desk software they rely upon every day may not be the best available system. That’s [...]

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Top 3 ways to optimize your hotel operations costs

The hotel industry may be in great financial shape, but that doesn’t mean hoteliers have the luxury of overspending at the property level. Eliminating wasteful costs is always important, and one way smart managers can potentially reduce operational expenses is by utilizing an updated, cost-efficient PMS. It’s especially important in a world of fast rising [...]

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Missed our Employee Retention Webinar? Watch the Video Today

Turnover rates in the hotel are just nightmarish. It’s such a massive problem that some hotels find they’re replacing more people every year than there are jobs in the hotel. It’s a crazy situation that has the entire industry perplexed. And it’s costing everyone a lot of time and money. Industry wide, the average annualized [...]

The 4 Big Lessons from this Year’s Lodging Conference

Lodging Conference Lessons Each fall, the Lodging Conference is always one of the most interesting and dynamic hotel industry events of the year. This year, many influential executives, owners and developers were in attendance and a record 1,800 people attended the Conference. Here are some of the key takeaways from the event and how you [...]

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Stop wasting more time than necessary training employees

Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee turnover rate for the hospitality industry was 6.3% in May and 6.0% in June? If that trend were to continue, that would be an annualized percentage of 73.8%. When compared to the 3.45% turnover rate for the same time compared to all [...]

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