The typical hotel customer is changing. Technology, social shifts and other consumer trends are combining to create a new class of customer; one that’s savvy, has increased expectations, and knows exactly what they want.

To keep up, hoteliers must arm themselves with the latest strategies capitalizing on current and emerging hospitality trends. We know; you think we’re going to talk about sense of place and authenticity. Nope. Today we’re focusing on how the brains of your hotel matters most.

To stay current, as well as future proof, it’s essential to have the right hotel property management system. One up to the task of meeting the needs of today’s evolving hotel business.

Here’s what you need to ask before you invest in a new property management system:

Is it cloud based?

A modern PMS should be cloud based to provide owners with the opportunity to be productive while on the go, but also to help ensure the system never crashes and is always updated with the latest features.

Can the PMS put my property where people book?

A web based property management system should have the ability to connect with a wide variety of distribution channels. Be sure it provides two-way connectivity between the leading booking engines and the PMS. You want to be sure this is handled with XML connections to popular booking platforms, as a wide variety of online travel agencies (OTAs), the global distribution system (GDS), as well as your hotel brand, should you have one.

But that’s not enough, it should also have a customizable Internet Booking Engine to help assist in efficiency and reach.

Can the hospitality PMS connect seamlessly with my other hospitality software?

A hotel property management should provide key hotel software interfaces and connectivity. Plus, it should be able to adapt to interfaces with new technologies as they come to market. You should also confirm the cloud based property management system meets Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) standards. HTNG  is a non-profit organization that helps to ensure  various hospitality products can connect effortlessly to each other at the current time, as well as when the hotel business evolves. Their standards allow for much of the product connectivity we see today.

Does the PMS offer many valuable partnerships?

A next generation PMS should have elements such as a channel Manager to help optimize online exposure. And it should also help ensure your hotel maintains

Also, you should consider a PMS that can connect to the telephone system for more accurate call accounting and for full service hotels, you may want to be sure the PMS has add-on features such as a catering solution to help with meetings and groups business.

If you ask the right questions, we feel you’ll be on your way to have a hotel property management system that not only helps meet your current needs, but can also help you keep up with  future changes. Now that you have them, you’re sure to make the best choice for your hotel.