What Exactly is Revenue Per Available Room (RevPar)?

Part three of our series exploring the basics of hotel operations brings us to the topic of RevPar. To fully maximize hotel performance, we use several specific terms including RevPAR, ADR and Occupancy; each of which we’ve been discussing over the last few weeks. This week we’re examining RevPAR. What is RevPAR? RevPAR is short [...]

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Still setting rates manually? Find out how much you could save by kicking it into autopilot

The days of continually setting rates manually are over. Both costly and time consuming, setting rates by hand is not only outdated, but prone to human error. Imagine the savings you can create by eliminating all those people hours changing rates up and down across myriad channels. Plus, automatic rate setting helps to ensure you’re [...]

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Improve your Hotel’s Revenue with a Best Available Rate Strategy

Before meaningful hospitality software, property owners would rarely reset rates. The common approach of set it and forget was dominant. That meant a guestroom was generally priced the same for an extended period of time, such as the entire season or year, with little consideration given to demand trends. For most of the history of [...]

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Why Hotels Should Raise Room Rates in 2015

Hospitality projections look fantastic for the coming year! With increases in both occupancy and traveler demand, hoteliers will see rate improvements of roughly 4-7 percent! How can hotels leverage this upswing to maximize their sales and profits? SkyTouch Technology shares the following tips: Ramp up Sales! The market is there… sales staff should be encouraged [...]

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Three Hotel Pricing Myths Debunked

When it comes to setting competitive hotel rates, industry experts caution it’s best NOT to follow the crowd. Contrary to popular belief and practice, setting pricing based solely on analysis of competitor pricing, or “comp sets,” can actually lead to a reduction in hotel revenue. SkyTouch Technology encourages hoteliers to be aware of the following [...]

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Drive RevPAR Growth With the Right Cloud Hotel PMS

Leading research group STR’s Q3 findings indicate great news for hoteliers in the area of RevPAR (revenue per available room) growth, revealing an impressive 9.2% increase. The right cloud hotel PMS can play a significant role in helping hotels of all types achieve RevPAR growth. SkyTouch Technology recommends that hotels choose a PMS with the [...]

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How to Save Money & Boost Revenue With a Cloud Hotel System

One of the biggest benefits of moving hotel operations to the cloud is the opportunity to simultaneously save money while boosting revenue. The SkyTouch Hotel OS™ exemplifies the type of best-of-breed cloud PMS that can help hotels do just that. Learn how the right cloud hotel PMS can significantly impact your hotel’s bottom line: Trim [...]

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How to Choose the Right Hotel PMS to Effectively Manage Revenue

Hotel property managers face a myriad of challenges in today’s fast-paced, constantly changing marketplace. Getting their arms around revenue management is one of them! As technology gets more sophisticated, it can be overwhelming to keep pace with the latest trends and tools in order to manage revenue effectively. The right cloud hotel PMS system can [...]

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The 5 “Must-Have” Cloud Hotel PMS Features

Hotels of all sizes are moving their legacy hotel property system to cloud hotel PMS (property management system). The industry has recognized that there is much to gain by making the move – with affordability, convenience, and flexibility among the key benefits. Yet whether a property has already migrated to the cloud or is still [...]

How to Choose the Best Cloud Based Hotel PMS

It seems like everyone is up "in the cloud" or wanting to look for the best cloud based hotel PMS system these days. For hoteliers, this is more than hype. The cloud presents the hospitality industry with a revolutionary way of doing business better, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. But what questions should hoteliers ask in [...]

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