One of the biggest benefits of moving hotel operations to the cloud is the opportunity to simultaneously save money while boosting revenue. The SkyTouch Hotel OS™ exemplifies the type of best-of-breed cloud PMS that can help hotels do just that. Learn how the right cloud hotel PMS can significantly impact your hotel’s bottom line:

Trim IT and operational costs. If hotel data and applications live “in the cloud,” you can eliminate the need for expensive onsite hardware and software, as well as the staff required to maintain this equipment. You can leave the stress of maintenance and compliance to the vendor and focus instead on the core strategies and competencies that will drive revenue for your property.

Minimize inefficiencies. Moving data and equipment offsite not only alleviates headaches, it reduces the inherent inefficiencies associated with on-premise systems. Hotels gain the ability to operate more seamlessly, along with the opportunity to reinvest in those strategies that will give their property a true competitive advantage. For example, instead of expenditures of money and time on equipment updates, the focus can remain on enhancing customer service or bolstering employee training. In other words, the focus shifts off of the system and onto the business of hospitality!

Maximize online exposure. One of the built-in benefits every cloud hotel PMS should offer is the opportunity to increase revenue using automated revenue management. SkyTouch users experience a seamless two-way connection to the world’s leading OTAs and booking websites from an easily accessible centralized location. They gain the ability to maximize their online exposure using a Best Available Rate (BAR) strategy that drives revenue and reduces the time and cost it takes to update room availability and pricing.

Accelerate implementation. Upon migrating to the cloud, SkyTouch users are typically up-and-running in as little as one to two days, instead of the weeks or months that traditional on-site, legacy PMS installation and training usually requires. So, with minimal disruption and downtime, new users are immediately reaping the value of their investment in our PMS and utilizing it as a tool to boost their efficiency and profits.

Cost-effective investment: The right cloud hotel PMS software vendor will cater to hotels of all sizes, types, and needs, recognizing that your budget may fluctuate based on business conditions or other nuances in the marketplace. As such, the PMS vendor should provide you with flexible pricing options, including month-to-month and no contract, commission-free models. Rather than being locked-in, there should be an ongoing dialogue with sales representatives to ensure that the PMS fits your needs and budget during each business cycle.

Consolidate facility and energy costs. Migrating to the cloud will shrink your hotel’s security, energy, and real estate footprint! With data stored offsite, hotels eliminate the need for server storage and maintenance and significantly cut the use of energy from server output. Less on-premise equipment = less energy output = a smaller footprint with bigger short and long-term savings for your property!

What’s the bottom line for hotel owners when it comes to saving money and driving revenue? Leverage the cloud! Your investment in a best-of-breed hotel PMS like the SkyTouch Hotel OS™ will increase efficiency and deliver cost-savings that will boost ROI and give your property a strong competitive edge!