Hotels of all sizes are moving their legacy hotel property system to cloud hotel PMS (property management system). The industry has recognized that there is much to gain by making the move – with affordability, convenience, and flexibility among the key benefits. Yet whether a property has already migrated to the cloud or is still in the midst of demoing options, these are the essential features every hotel property manager should be aware of in order to ensure they are using a best-of-breed cloud hotel PMS:

Mobile optimized is a must! The freedom to manage with full functionality from any device is absolutely essential for today’s on-the-go hotel property managers. The cloud hotel PMS should enable the hotelier to evaluate performance and easily access key operational data in mobile-friendly views. A cutting-edge platform such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS® allows hoteliers to manage anytime, anywhere, gaining 24/7 “real-time” access to inventory, rates, housekeeping management, and financial reporting in order to maximize efficiency and profitability.

A streamlined approach. The right cloud hotel PMS should make the ability to multi-task much easier! The PMS should be architected to feature an integrated, consolidated approach with easy access to key functions from a single login. Select a cloud hotel PMS that provides seamless connections and interfaces with distributors and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and customizable Internet Booking Engines (IBEs). These capabilities should be accompanied by integrated reporting features that can be manipulated by the hotel manager with a few simple clicks.

Easy to implement. With an intuitive solution in place, the cloud hotel PMS implementation process should be simple and seamless for managers and staff at every level throughout the property – or multiple properties — without disrupting daily operations for weeks at a time. SkyTouch Technology users, for example, complete training and are up and running on the system in as little as 1-2 days. The web-based, hotel PMS training should be engaging and accessible, with options for live or remote access.

Delivers revenue increase AND cost-savings. Don’t settle for an “either/or” cloud hotel PMS; instead ID a system that delivers both revenue increase and cost-savings. Moving to the cloud brings immediate cost-savings by eliminating the need for expensive maintenance and oversight of on-premise equipment. However, today’s best-of-breed PMS systems are built with revenue-generating tools. The SkyTouch Hotel OS® (cloud hotel PMS) utilizes a “Best Available Rate” (BAR) pricing strategy to help hoteliers monitor conditions in real-time to achieve the best pricing. Rates can be quickly modified to respond to changes in the market and alert triggers can be set to strategically oversee revenue management.

Enhances the guest experience… and ROI. Technological bells and whistles aside, delivering a positive guest experience is likely the end-goal of every hotel property manager. Hoteliers should realize that the right cloud hotel PMS can play an important role in this process, by helping the property manager oversee operations more efficiently so that more time and resources can be focused servicing guests on-premise. After all, satisfied guests make loyal guests. Loyal guests become brand ambassadors, creating buzz and spurring new bookings. And all of the above translates into increased ROI.