Leading research group STR’s Q3 findings indicate great news for hoteliers in the area of RevPAR (revenue per available room) growth, revealing an impressive 9.2% increase. The right cloud hotel PMS can play a significant role in helping hotels of all types achieve RevPAR growth. SkyTouch Technology recommends that hotels choose a PMS with the following features to help drive RevPAR, improve efficiency, and boost overall profits.

Best Available Rate (BAR) Management. A full-featured PMS will include a BAR function to help drive revenue and reduce the time and cost it takes to update room availability and pricing. The SkyTouch Hotel OS enables hoteliers to set alert thresholds for increases and decreased in rooms sold, apply automated revenue management rules, and quickly respond to changes in the market in real time in order to establish the most strategic pricing.

Distribution Management. Competitive pricing is only one part of the RevPAR equation. A hotel’s distribution management should ideally work in concert with its BAR pricing strategy. To fuel growth in RevPAR, the PMS should help facilitate a distribution approach that includes full integration with leading online travel agencies (OTAs) and booking engines, a global distribution system (GDS), and a pooled inventory model (showing all sites at all times). In addition, your PMS should afford you the ability to seamlessly and centrally manage online inventory from one simple login versus multiple logins or websites.

Mobile Management! The ability to multitask and manage daily activities in real time – from any mobile device — is an essential component of RevPAR growth. Ensure that your PMS affords you the capability and the freedom to utilize cloud technology in order to manage on the run with mobile-friendly views of key operational data that impact efficiency of room turnover. The Hotel OS facilitates two-way communication between housekeeping and front desk staff to procure quick and accurate room availability. Easy access to ADR, occupancy, and key financials via one login also streamlines operations and boosts RevPAR.

Assess your PMS! Does it contain the above features to help you achieve the maximum amount of revenue per hotel room reservation? Use the above guidelines and visit SkyTouch to learn more about how our Hotel OS features can directly boost your property’s RevPAR.