Presenting Hotel PMS Software at the AAHOA Conference

Independent hotel operators face their own unique set of challenges when it comes to property management. But a best-of-breed hotel PMS software solution exists that can address their needs while also increasing their efficiency and profitability. Attendees at the October 7th Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) Independent Hoteliers Conference in Artesia, Calif. will have [...]

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Collaborating With HTNG To Help Hotels Go Above Property

Has your hotel property management system moved to the cloud yet? Hotels of all sizes are migrating "above property" to gain a myriad of benefits, including greater reliability, cost savings, mobility, and a reduction of IT support staff. Cloud hotel property management systems such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS® enable hoteliers to manage their properties [...]

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What Can Dynamic Rate Marketing Do For Hoteliers And Travel?

It seems like today's well-connected travelers literally have the world at their fingertips. With a touch or a click, they can easily access hotel pricing and availability to book on the spot. Enter Dynamic Rate Marketing (DRM). This next-generation marketing technique gives hoteliers the ability to adjust rates in real-time based on demand and availability, [...]

Hospitality Revenue Management: 3 Keys to Improving your Hotel’s Bottom Line

What motivates a potential guest to book a room at your hotel vs. your competitor's property? Interpreting this is the key to hospitality revenue management, a concept which has revolutionized the hotel industry. The consumer's ability to shop and compare room rates online has generated increased competition for price and value. Yet, thanks to modern [...]

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Digital Innovations In Hospitality- Three Key Ways to Infuse Technology into Hotel Operations

Part 1: Three Key Ways to Infuse Technology into Hotel Operations From check-in to check-out, digital innovations have the potential to enhance every aspect of the guest experience. Many forward-thinking hoteliers are leveraging cutting-edge technologies and platforms in order to remain competitive in the digital age of hospitality. Following are three key ways to infuse [...]

Hotel PMS Provider Lists the 5 Principles Of SkyTouch Technology

Cloud computing is changing the way the hotel business operates. Using cutting-edge technology from the SkyTouch® solution, you can run your company from anywhere in the world with a simple swipe of your finger. And as the future engine of the hospitality industry, cloud computing is here to stay. So don’t wait while the rest [...]

SkyTouch Hotel OS (Hotel PMS)- Simple & Intuitive

SkyTouch TechnologyTM understands that your top priority as a hotelier is to your customers and your staff. We create a customized software solution so you can concentrate on what’s important. Don’t take our word for it- here we have Adam Hoaglund, General Manager from Sleep Inn, describe how SkyTouch Hotel OS (hotel PMS) has made [...]

Rate Management Today: Doing More With Less

Check out the first article in this series, Rate Management Today, Part 1: The Elusive BAR to learn why assessing and setting your best available rate is important. Then read on to see how SkyTouch can make it easy. Last time, we discussed the toughest part of hotel management today—setting your BAR—with property advocate, Andy, [...]

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Rate Management Today, Part 1: The Elusive BAR with Andy Musel & Chuck Haaker

What’s the toughest part of hotel rate management today? Although they come from two separate departments, both Andy, a SkyTouch property advocate, and Chuck, a programmer and analyst, agreed the hardest thing to manage is: setting the perfect and elusive BAR—your best available rate. “It’s elusive,” said Andy, “only because of the bookings cycle. If [...]

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