Why is Rate Management Important?

Stressed worrying about adjusting rates based on continually changing market demand for any given night? With a powerful rate management tool incorporated into your hotel Property Management System (PMS), you can help eliminate stress through automatic rate setting and optimization. How? Through a 'Best Available Rate' (BAR) pricing strategy. A Best Available Rate pricing strategy [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Get SkyTouch Cloud Hotel PMS

When it comes to what is important to your bottom line, SkyTouch Hotel OS® (cloud hotel PMS) delivers what you need, from wherever you are. From sales, staff management, guest services, marketing, and tracking features to an in-depth selection of reports, our platform helps you streamline your operations and maximize your revenue. Quick to Implement. [...]

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Have a Happier Holiday & Increase your Bottom Line

The Time is Now to Maximize Holiday Income for your Hotel Just last month, AAA reported travel volume for Thanksgiving was the highest since 2005. Nearly 50 million people traveled more than 50 miles for the holiday.   That’s right, even more people are traveling in 2018 than during the height of the last economic [...]

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The Newest Iteration of Rate Management – Part 8

Be Open with your Rate Management Being flexible with rate management allows hoteliers to think in creative ways that can make hotels more money. The newest iteration of revenue management; understanding the total value of the customer rather than just what they pay on rate.   Time for a quick quiz. Which guest is more [...]

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Being Flexible with your Rate Management – Part 7

It’s time to cozy up to the BAR That’s Best Available Rate, of course, and by focusing a revenue management strategy around Best Available Rate, hoteliers are successfully pushing the average rate charged per room by more accurately leveraging the all-powerful supply vs. demand equation.   However, to fully maximize the opportunity to charge the [...]

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Brand Boosting and Booking Using Today’s PMS Software

Deciding which hotel rooms are allocated to guests upon check-in can be a delicate and demanding juggling act. After all, the hotel’s primary job is to ensure complete satisfaction, regardless of varying guest demands and outside influences. Yet with with the right cloud-based hotel property management systems (PMS) software, hotel staff can have additional resources at [...]

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Why Hotels Should Raise Room Rates in 2015

Hospitality projections look fantastic for the coming year! With increases in both occupancy and traveler demand, hoteliers will see rate improvements of roughly 4-7 percent! How can hotels leverage this upswing to maximize their sales and profits? SkyTouch Technology shares the following tips: Ramp up Sales! The market is there… sales staff should be encouraged [...]

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Three Hotel Pricing Myths Debunked

When it comes to setting competitive hotel rates, industry experts caution it’s best NOT to follow the crowd. Contrary to popular belief and practice, setting pricing based solely on analysis of competitor pricing, or “comp sets,” can actually lead to a reduction in hotel revenue. SkyTouch Technology encourages hoteliers to be aware of the following [...]

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Drive RevPAR Growth With the Right Cloud Hotel PMS

Leading research group STR’s Q3 findings indicate great news for hoteliers in the area of RevPAR (revenue per available room) growth, revealing an impressive 9.2% increase. The right cloud hotel PMS can play a significant role in helping hotels of all types achieve RevPAR growth. SkyTouch Technology recommends that hotels choose a PMS with the [...]

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How to Save Money & Boost Revenue With a Cloud Hotel System

One of the biggest benefits of moving hotel operations to the cloud is the opportunity to simultaneously save money while boosting revenue. The SkyTouch Hotel OS™ exemplifies the type of best-of-breed cloud PMS that can help hotels do just that. Learn how the right cloud hotel PMS can significantly impact your hotel’s bottom line: Trim [...]

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