SkyTouch to provide Cloud-based PMS to its growing portfolio of hotels

“As a brand, we evaluate and select leading technology solutions that make life easier for our hotel owners and staff and create a better experience for our guests,” said Jon Kennedy, president of GrandStay Hospitality, LLC. “Because we are a 24-hour operation, we also needed support that is available 24 hours a day by phone, email [...]

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How to Prepare Your Hotel for the Coming Year

The new year is approaching and while your guests will be enjoying the last days of 2017 at your property, you might be spending that time planning for the coming year. From marketing strategies to revenue management, to new technologies and distribution partners, this is the time to make important decisions for 2018. So where [...]

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Importance of EMV for Hotels, Webinar Coming November 8!

With Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) quickly becoming the global standard for chip-based transactions, credit card data is no longer being stored at the PMS level, but rather tokenized. Why is this important? Through interfaces on SkyTouch Technology’s cloud-based hotel management system, hoteliers can process EMV payments to help prevent the fraudulent use of stolen card [...]

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Hotel Loyalty Webinar now available On Demand!

How can you leverage the power of loyalty programs at your property? In September, SkyTouch put together a panel of experts to share how modern guest loyalty programs are helping hotels potentially tap into higher revenue. If you missed the interactive webinar on leveraging the power of loyalty programs at your property, the video is [...]

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Soaring in the cloud vs. being grounded with premise-based PMS

Hoteliers still utilizing an on premise-based property management system are missing out on an opportunity. Cloud-based property management systems (PMS), such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS®, have reinvented how hotels interact with data, giving them more control, options and flexibility. Cloud-based systems can also help decrease costs across multiple areas within the hotel. Here’s how [...]

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Power of the Cloud webinar now available On Demand!

The cloud is transforming the hospitality industry in exciting ways, but not everyone understands the direct correlation between the cloud and the new era property management systems (PMS). To show how a cloud-based PMS can reorient hotel operations, SkyTouch Technology partnered with Hotel Management magazine for the webinar titled “Want More From Your PMS? Look [...]

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Power of the Cloud PMS Webinar Coming March 16!

While traditional, premise based PMS systems, are still loved by many users, the next generation of property management systems are here. And leveraging the power of the internet through what’s commonly called the cloud is giving hoteliers more functionality, flexibility and control over their hotel than ever before. Rather, than having the PMS’s brains within [...]

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WEBINAR RECAP: Top 5 Hotel Tech Support Questions Answered

Sure, a cloud based property management system such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS can be easy to use. But that doesn’t mean users won’t have any questions regarding how to maximize its capabilities. After all, switching over to such a flexible system peppered with a myriad of productivity tools,  can create some questions. Already more [...]

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Missed our Employee Retention Webinar? Watch the Video Today

Turnover rates in the hotel are just nightmarish. It’s such a massive problem that some hotels find they’re replacing more people every year than there are jobs in the hotel. It’s a crazy situation that has the entire industry perplexed. And it’s costing everyone a lot of time and money. Industry wide, the average annualized [...]

Your Customer is Changing. Here’s Why You Must Change Too.

The typical hotel customer is changing. Technology, social shifts and other consumer trends are combining to create a new class of customer; one that’s savvy, has increased expectations, and knows exactly what they want. To keep up, hoteliers must arm themselves with the latest strategies capitalizing on current and emerging hospitality trends. We know; you [...]

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