Operating Your Hotel Anytime from Anywhere – Part 4

Things are Changing Not only are the way hotels managed changing, but so is its workforce. These days millennials rule, and they expect the systems they utilize to match the technologies they’re familiar with.   Did you know? 35% of people working in America are millennials? They’re now the largest generation in the U.S. labor [...]

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Help Improve Guest Security with Cloud-Based PMS Software

We all remember the massive credit card breaches at well-known national retailers over the last few years. These breaches were a public relations, financial, and legal nightmare, resulting in millions of dollars in lost sales and possible long-term brand damage. From a hospitality point of view, simply hoping that your hotel won’t be affected is [...]

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Beyond the Cookie: Loyalty Programs for your Bottom Line

On one particular business trip, Bob stayed in four different cities in one week, all at various versions of a well-known hotel chain. Upon his first check-in, he was automatically handed a cookie “for being a loyal guest.” Bob felt special. But by the fourth check-in, the cookie bit was getting old. And everyone was [...]

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Hotel Guest Profiles: Where Expectations Meet Execution

If you’re out for the evening and run into a friend or acquaintance, you have certain expectations. You expect them to recognize you, remember your name and interact with you based upon information they have gathered about you during previous interactions. You’d probably be disappointed, or even offended, if you had to start from scratch [...]

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Hotels, OTAs, and the Battle to Win Guests

Are hotels and OTAs friends or foes? While they do rely on each other to compete in the hospitality marketspace, they’ve been waging an epic battle recently to win over guests. With both hotels and OTAs vying to control and evolve the guest experience, time will tell who will come out on top. Why hotels [...]

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Always Make Room for Your Guest With the Right Hotel PMS

Deciding which hotel rooms are allocated to guests upon check-in can be a delicate and demanding juggling act. After all, the hotel’s primary job is to ensure complete satisfaction, regardless of varying guest demands and outside influences. Yet with the right cloud-based hotel PMS software at their disposal, hotel staff can have a few tricks [...]

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The 5 “Must-Have” Cloud Hotel PMS Features

Hotels of all sizes are moving their legacy hotel property system to cloud hotel PMS (property management system). The industry has recognized that there is much to gain by making the move – with affordability, convenience, and flexibility among the key benefits. Yet whether a property has already migrated to the cloud or is still [...]

Trends & Highlights – 2014 Customer Engagement Technology Study

Glance around any hotel lobby -- anytime, anywhere -- and the scene will likely be the same. From check-in to check-out, today's hotel patrons are toting phones and tablets at all times, doing everything from talking, posting, texting, and tweeting as they move throughout their day. In a device-driven society, how can hoteliers use the [...]

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How to Choose the Best Cloud Based Hotel PMS

It seems like everyone is up "in the cloud" or wanting to look for the best cloud based hotel PMS system these days. For hoteliers, this is more than hype. The cloud presents the hospitality industry with a revolutionary way of doing business better, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. But what questions should hoteliers ask in [...]

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