It seems like everyone is up “in the cloud” or wanting to look for the best cloud based hotel PMS system these days. For hoteliers, this is more than hype. The cloud presents the hospitality industry with a revolutionary way of doing business better, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. But what questions should hoteliers ask in order to identify the right cloud PMS that fits their needs? Is there a one-size-fits-all approach? Whether or not you’ve already migrated up to the cloud with your hotel PMS, the following are the questions every hotelier should ask (and understand!) when it comes to selecting the best cloud based hotel PMS:

Will moving to the cloud really impact my bottom line? This answer should be a resounding “yes!” The right cloud-based system should not only help your property save money, it should also increase revenue by streamlining and improving efficiency of operations. For example, the SkyTouch Technology property management tool, the SkyTouch Hotel OS®, utilizes the “Best Available Rate” (BAR) pricing strategy with functionality that enables hotels to gain access to “real-time” availability and market conditions that strategically impact pricing. Cloud hotel PMS solutions generally also help hoteliers reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive maintenance and oversight of on-site equipment. The right solution should also cater to varying budgets with flexible pricing options tailored to accommodate properties of all types.

What are the must-have features of a cloud PMS? Today’s hoteliers manage on-the-go, so a PMS that can deliver a reliable, mobile solution is an absolute must. The PMS should be fully mobile-optimized, meaning managers can easily access and manipulate key info and data in accessible, mobile-friendly views from any smart phone, tablet, or WiFi-equipped device. The industry’s best cloud PMS solutions also provide access to centralized data, reporting, and security management, real-time financial monitoring, housekeeping management and other key operational capabilities. Hoteliers should expect seamless connections to booking engines and distributors such as Expedia and Orbitz and interfaces to global distribution systems (GDS) – all from one simple login.

Will I have to worry about security if I move to the cloud? To the contrary! Running applications through the internet actually reduces the security risks and vulnerabilities associated with physical equipment and servers tied to an on-premise PMS. Today’s top cloud-based providers invest considerable time and resources toward safeguarding their customers’ data security requirements in a cloud environment. SkyTouch Technology provides 24×7/365 monitoring for their customers, so that hoteliers no longer need to shoulder the stress and responsibility of addressing security risks, breaches and maintaining compliance with the industry’s security standards and requirements.

How long will it take to get my staff up to speed? The key is to select a hotel PMS with an intuitive system design coupled with great training and support resources. With the right solution in place, the implementation process can and should be simple and seamless for employees at every level. SkyTouch Technology users are typically up and running within 1-2 days, barely skipping a beat as they start reaping the ROI of their cloud-based solution. The training should be engaging and accessible, with options for live or remote access. Recognizing that bumps in the road are part of any implementation process, hoteliers should ensure their provider offers ongoing support to address any questions or concerns.

There’s no doubt that hotels of all types have much to gain by migrating up to the cloud. Ensure a firm landing by asking the right questions in order to select the provider who can best deliver on your property’s needs…demo our cloud PMS (SkyTouch Hotel OS) today!