Millennials are set to be the largest active adult generation in 2019, surpassing Baby Boomers, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. So, what does this mean for the hotel industry and its technology and why should we care?


Technologically Savvy
Millennial hoteliers have reached the age where they are taking over hotel ownership. Parents are passing the torch to their children which means hotel technology needs to keep up with the millennial way of living – modern mobility. Many young hotel owners generally prefer interacting with technology in ways they’re accustomed, which includes remote capabilities and modern PMS software that lets them manage their properties efficiently from their smartphone or tablet.


In the Cloud
Leveraging the mobile capabilities and data mining of a cloud-based hospitality management software helps hoteliers run a more effective and efficient business. The ease of running one or multiple properties from anywhere, at any time, increases efficiency, therefore increasing the property’s bottom line.


By utilizing a cloud-based PMS software, you are minimizing effort and maximizing value:

  • Eliminate phone calls to and from the front desk with hospitality management. Staff can monitor due out, vacant, arrival rooms, and more with a quick glance at their mobile device
  • Owners can quickly look at front desk activity, current state of business, and analytical reports without having to be on site
  • Set and change rates in seconds, across ALL channels with one click
  • Omit expensive hardware and onsite servers, increasing profitability


Beyond Modern Mobility
This PMS software isn’t just a win for millennials because of its modern mobility; A cloud-based system can help make staff functions easier and more effective. Rate management is improved, and customer engagement is increased, which in turn, can increase property revenue and benefit the overall brand.


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