What the Tax Reform Law Will Mean for Hoteliers in 2018

With the biggest tax overhaul of 30 years now complete, there are several items within it that may be favorable to hoteliers and the hotel business, according to the experts. That’s great news as the new tax law is giving hoteliers additional tools from which to expand their businesses, protect their current investments, and secure their [...]

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Keeping Hotel Guest Data Secure

Data security is an increasingly critical concern for hoteliers. Until recently, the issue had been bubbling below the surface and wasn’t as often discussed outside IT circles. But a security breach last fall at InterContinental Hotels Group and others in the hotel industry, are thrusting the issue into mainstream hospitality industry consciousness. That issue affected [...]

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Hurricane Response Shows Spirit of Hotelier Hospitality

The back to back sucker punches of Harvey and Irma caused untold damage, and significant loss of life; a tragedy of epic proportions. But, the storms also brought out the best of humanity. Especially for the hotelier community. As we all know, hoteliers are imbued with the spirit of hospitality, and many times become de [...]

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Arm Your Hotel Against Softening Occupancy

The old cliché is right: all good things do come to an end. But that doesn’t mean all endings are negative. Endings sometimes push us to change tactics in new and interesting ways perhaps not previously explored. And that opens opportunity. One “good thing” predicted to come to an end for hoteliers: continued lofty occupancy [...]

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How to turn your OTA customers into loyal clients

Your most profitable guest is your most loyal customer. Though many hoteliers crave turning their OTA customers into clients, they simply don’t know how. We’re here to help you create more loyal, higher margin guests. Here’s our step by step guide of best practices that will help you turn those more expensive to acquire OTA [...]

Soaring in the cloud vs. being grounded with premise-based PMS

Hoteliers still utilizing an on premise-based property management system are missing out on an opportunity. Cloud-based property management systems (PMS), such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS®, have reinvented how hotels interact with data, giving them more control, options and flexibility. Cloud-based systems can also help decrease costs across multiple areas within the hotel. Here’s how [...]

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Mid 2017 technology report

We’re more than halfway through 2017 already – how did that happen? One thing that we do know is that technology continues to be the major influencer for the hospitality industry. Here’s our mid-year report of the three major hospitality technology trends fascinating us so far, this year. 1) Actionable Data “Actionable Data” may be [...]

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HITEC Toronto celebrates the cloud

SkyTouch Technology once again had the honor of being an integral part of the hotel industry’s leading technology conference, and it may have been the most exciting one yet. It’s called the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference, commonly known as HITEC, and was the first ever edition in Toronto, Canada. The 45th annual event [...]

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Hotels 201: Hotel ownership part 2

In our last blog, we wrote about modern hotel history, and how it plays into the ownership structure of properties today. Now, let’s chat about who owns hotels and how the financial structure of hotels works. Privately Owned There’s still myriad hotels owned by individuals or families. In fact, 60% of hotels are owned by [...]

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Hotel 201 – Hotel ownership

The hotel business is significantly more complicated than people initially think. There’s layers of nuance, understanding and history that can only be understood after some time in this business. So, for our next series of articles, we’re going to demystify some of the elements of the hotel business. For this one, we’ll start with a [...]

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