If you’re thinking about securing a new cloud-based property management system for 2018, now’s the time to act. By making the switch now, you may be in a great position to secure a full year’s worth of data come the end of 2018. That could be essential for your business. Use that data to help set more accurate revenue goals, and glean the insight needed to help make the most informed budgeting decisions as possible. After all, the PMS is the essential system tying together your entire hotel. And SkyTouch Hotel OS®, provides for an easy transition.

Here’s what you should consider when planning your timeline to make the move by January.

Time for Interfacing: Yes, the SkyTouch Hotel OS® connects to most third-party technology suppliers, including those supporting credit card POS, call accounting, CRS, sales & catering systems, energy management, back-office accounting, electronic locks, Wi-Fi Connectivity permissions, in-room movie charges, and more. Some integrations do take time, based on the vendor’s timeline, so it’s important to plan ahead to have those interfaces up and running.

Time for Smarter Rates: The SkyTouch Hotel OS® gives users the power of automatic rate setting, a feature some premise-based systems typically do not include. This feature helps set pricing rules that manage inventory value. Here, users set rate alert triggers and the system automatically adjusts BAR levels based upon changes in actual occupancy or number of rooms sold.  It’s a great way to start setting the effective rates immediately to potentially reap the rewards for those early stays in 2018.

Time for Added Sales: In addition to smarter rates, when making the switch to a cloud-based PMS from an in-house legacy system, your hotel benefits being seen across multiple internet channels, including a myriad of OTAs. The quicker your 2018 dates can be seen across the channels you know, and the many you may be unaware of, the more potential you have to increase revenue once you make the switch.

Time for Training: The SkyTouch Hotel OS® is a highly intuitive and simple to use PMS, and our customers tell us new employees can be trained on the system, in as little as two shifts. However, it may take some time to schedule training, especially during the holiday season. Additionally, after an in person or remote overview by SkyTouch trainers, hotel staff members receive additional support with smartly directed online eLearning courses.

With the hotel market expected to see an occupancy decline in 2018, according to STR, now is the time to ensure your hotel is in the best position to secure customers for the New Year.