Keep These Six Digital Marketing Resolutions in Hospitality

Is your hotel digital marketing strategy on track in the new year? SkyTouch Technology has compiled the following simple, yet powerful, resolutions that can be used to drive hotel bookings and RevPAR: Be Mobile. Get in sync with the habits of your device-driven guests! One-quarter of travelers are already booking their hotel stays via their [...]

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Cloud Computing Trends in Hospitality

Enterprises are no longer foggy when it comes to cloud computing. The past year saw more than 53% of companies already leveraging public cloud resources. As the cloud matures, hotel operators will be looking to leverage the cloud in new and exciting ways to run their operations better, smarter, and more cost-effectively. Cloud-based hotel operating [...]

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Money Talks! What’s the Latest Hotel Industry Payment Lingo?

Technology is fueling changes across the board -- the cloud, big data, and mobile apps, are some of the biggest influences disrupting the hospitality industry. Add the payment space to this list! SkyTouch Technology has compiled a roundup of the payment lingo hoteliers and guests will be buzzing about in 2015: What is EMV? It’s [...]

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SkyTouch Technology Partners with G6 Hospitality

SkyTouch Technology to Partner with Industry Giant G6 Hospitality SkyTouch Technology, provider of the most widely used cloud-based property management system (PMS) platform for hotels has just signed an agreement with G6 Hospitality. Under the agreement, SkyTouch will customize its SkyTouch Hotel OS cloud property management system to address the needs of G6’s Mexican and [...]

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Hotel Tech Innovations that Go Beyond the Hotel PMS

Hotels of all types and sizes are migrating to the cloud for their property management needs. While cloud PMS technology may takes center stage in the hospitality arena, it’s important to recognize that emerging technology trends are proving that potential exists beyond the PMS. In 2015 and beyond, hotels will heavily invest in mobile technologies [...]

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Hospitality CIOs Are Embracing the SaaS Model

Hospitality CIOs are embracing the cloud and the preferred Software-as-a-Service (Saas) model. This forward-thinking mindset is a GOOD thing for the hospitality industry! However, SkyTouch Technology and other best-of-breed vendors share the following advice with CIOs: leave the technology to vendors! Today’s dedicated vendors have spent at least a decade in the cloud, they are [...]

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What Hospitality CIOs are Saying… and Why Stakeholders are Listening!

What Hospitality CIOs are Saying… and Why Stakeholders are Listening! With technology now considered a “front-end” asset, hospitality CIOs are finding themselves thrust further into the spotlight. After all, they represent the link between technology and business, imparting their IT knowledge upon stakeholders to help their properties maintain a competitive edge. SkyTouch Technology shares some [...]

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Use Your Hotel PMS to Compete Globally

Use Your Hotel PMS to Compete Globally Connecting guests with hotels used to be all about catchy advertising campaigns and splashy marketing promotions. In today’s competitive, mobile-drive hospitality marketplace, hotels need to ensure that their online presence helps drive bookings, both locally and on an international scale. If travelers can’t find a property online, they [...]

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Three Hotel Pricing Myths Debunked

When it comes to setting competitive hotel rates, industry experts caution it’s best NOT to follow the crowd. Contrary to popular belief and practice, setting pricing based solely on analysis of competitor pricing, or “comp sets,” can actually lead to a reduction in hotel revenue. SkyTouch Technology encourages hoteliers to be aware of the following [...]

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