What will top the to-do lists of hospitality CIOs in the coming new year? SkyTouch Technology anticipates that CIOs will keep the following 5 priorities top-of-mind in order to gear up for a successful 2015. Read on… and comment below to share your own predictions:

Cloud technologies. CIOs recognize that cloud technologies translate into convenience and cost-savings for their hotel properties. If they haven’t already taken the leap, they will look to migrate their hotel property management system (PMS) to the cloud with a solution like the SkyTouch Hotel OS that promotes more seamless and efficient operations.

Security. With high-profile hacks making headlines in 2014, security will be at the forefront of CIO concerns in the new year. Expect dollars and resources to go toward technology and tools designed to maximize the safety of property systems and customer data.

Optimizing resources. CIOs will seek to trim costs by utilizing the IT tools and resources at their disposal to the fullest potential. They will also seek to adopt new technologies that can directly help reduce costs, drive revenue and deliver the most ROI (again, cloud technologies figure prominently into this prediction)!

Hybrid skill-sets. When it comes to recruiting capable staff, CIOs will seek to surround themselves with employees whose skillsets includes a mix of cloud, analytics and securities experience. They will look for innovative ways to reward and retain these capable employees, who play a vital supporting role in helping the hotel maintain its competitive edge.

Keeping IT a top-of-mind function. CIOs will look for opportunities to showcase the critical role that technology plays in positioning their property for success. They will actively demonstrate to higher-ups that their ability to innovate on behalf of the hotel property leads to two critical factors — an increased bottom line and happier customers.

We’ve shared our predictions… now it’s your turn. What other priorities will hospitality CIOs hold near and dear as we enter 2015? Share your comments with us below as we wait for a new year of hospitality and technology to unfold!