SkyTouch Hotel OS® and Chargerback™ team up to enhance hotel lost and found services


SkyTouch Technology, provider of SkyTouch Hotel OS®, the most widely used cloud-based hotel management system, and Chargerback™, a leader in hotel lost and found solutions, announced today that they are teaming up services in an effort to streamline and enhance the hotel lost and found experience.

The number of items lost by hotel guests each month and the time a hotel staff spends looking for and returning them can be staggering—and expensive. Chargerback, the nation’s leading end-to-end, cloud-based, 100% PCI Compliant lost and found hotel solution is geared to help streamline and automate the entire hotel lost and found process while potentially creating a new source of income for participating hotels.

“At SkyTouch, our mission is to help hotels run more efficiently and improve the guest experience,” said Jonah Paransky, CEO of SkyTouch. “So, being able to bring them a product that accomplishes this with the added bonus of creating an opportunity for another revenue stream is really exciting.”

Chargerback works by allowing hotel guests to easily self-report lost items, and simplifying the process of matching those reports to found items. It creates update emails for both the staff and the guests so each item is carefully tracked and reported. It can also create a new revenue stream via guest-paid shipping labels generated for hotel staff. This reporting automation can contribute substantially to optimizing a hotel’s bottom line by freeing up staff for other more important tasks.

“Chargerback works,” said Brian Colodny, President and CFO of Chargerback, Inc. “Return rates increase. Internal morale improves. Guest satisfaction grows. We receive praise daily for the difference our solution makes in hotel operations and guest experience. We have seen the same user response to the SkyTouch Hotel OS, which makes SkyTouch Technology a great partner for us. They have the same values of innovation, service, and integrity. We look forward to improving the hotel experience with them.”

Chargerback can increase recovery rates on lost items by up to 300%. There is no fee to SkyTouch customers, no software to install, and free staff training, all of which makes the Chargerback program both practical and cost-effective.

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