Today SkyTouch Technology, one of the world’s most widely used cloud-based property management systems, announces its 10-year anniversary and commemorates its core value to continuously develop technology that empowers customers.

Since 2013, SkyTouch Technology has paved the way as industry vanguards with its product SkyTouch Hotel OS, which empowers hoteliers to take control of their hotel from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, SkyTouch Technology unveils a temporary commemorative logo with the tagline “A Decade of Empowering You”. Reflecting on 10 years in the hotel technology industry, the tagline was developed to represent the empowerment SkyTouch has provided customers, users, and team members. Customers and users have recognized that using SkyTouch HOS has empowered them to run their hotel anytime, anywhere, all from a device of their choice. Hotels that previously did not have these capabilities were restricted to being on property to run their business. Now customers can support their hotels remotely from wherever they are in the world.

When SkyTouch Technology introduced their solution to the industry in 2013 it was rooted in a decade of success. Originally the technology was implemented in 2003 as choiceADVANTAGE (cA), available exclusively to Choice Hotels. Over the next 10 years, Choice would deploy cA to thousands of hotels in North America and expand to countries spanning the globe in 2010. With cA running smoothly across the United States at this time, news of this kind of technology intrigued the industry. Soon hoteliers were inquiring about purchasing cA for their independent properties. Not long after, SkyTouch Technology emerged as a PMS marketed to other chains and independent hotels with the functionality that hoteliers desired. SkyTouch has grown to 113 team members proudly serving approximately 6,800 properties and counting in 12 countries around the world.

In the decade since coming to market, SkyTouch has not stopped looking for ways to continue to empower their customers.

  • 2015 – SkyTouch Guest Experience was introduced adding a customizable CRM and loyalty program which helps hotels to recognize their very best guests with a local flair.
  • 2016 – SkyTouch was one of the earliest cloud native PMS providers with a fully integrated EMV solution.
  • 2018 – SkyTouch transitioned their technology stack to AWS leading to increased performance uptime for all their customers.
  • 2019 – SkyTouch introduces the innovative /CONNECT integration platform allowing on property interfaces to be configured remotely for the first time, in many cases without additional support from on-site vendors.
  • 2021 – SkyTouch deployed SkyTouch GT which automated the check-in registration card experience, reducing cost and shrinking the environmental footprint of the hotel. SkyTouch Technology recognizes Jays Inn and Suites as the longest serving customer, using SkyTouch HOS since 2013.

Jays Inn and Suites is a busy independent property located in Virden, MN, Canada. When the property was contacted about SkyTouch celebrating 10 years as the hotel’s PMS, the current general manager was thrilled to share how SkyTouch HOS has empowered the property.

“We have worked with SkyTouch for just over 10 years! SkyTouch is a very user friendly, easily adaptable, property management system. SkyTouch is a web-based program that works wonderfully for our smaller hotel, along with the friendly tech support which is available on an on-call basis when needed, SkyTouch has sure proved to us over the course of ten years to be one of the best property management systems available! Happy 10th Anniversary SkyTouch, we look very forward to seeing what SkyTouch has in store for us over the next 10 years,” stated Melissa Stewart, General Manager at Jays Inn and Suites.

Customer success is at the heart of everything SkyTouch does. It serves as a compass and provides guidance for the efforts SkyTouch drives to modernize hotel operations and personalize the product to meet each customer’s needs. None of that would be possible without a diverse, vibrant team of dedicated people. The team’s effort has allowed SkyTouch Technology to become what it is today. We talked to a few of our founding members and asked them to tell us a little about their SkyTouch experience over the last 10 years and this is what they had to say.

“I love that I have a real impact in creating solutions to solve challenging industry and customer problems.” – Jill Burrus

“We are not a company that just offers a PMS cloud-based solution for hoteliers. We are empowered to think outside the box and help push ourselves to connect and develop services to our customers by listening to what they want and need. We are a company that does not think why can’t we do that? I also love the positive feedback from our first-time customers that have not used SkyTouch before.” – Robbie Gaffey

“In the span of a decade, we’ve bolstered our position in the industry and continue to maintain strong confidence in our excellent product… I’m certain that SkyTouch’s future looks bright as we continue to adapt our product to meet the new needs of our clientele.” – Sylvio Martins

About SkyTouch Technology

SkyTouch Technology is the provider of a widely used cloud-based property management system. Built in the cloud by hotel professionals for hotel companies, the SkyTouch hotel operations platform is designed to help hotel executives meet their most important strategic objectives: to enhance the guest experience, advance performance, and achieve growth while evolving with changing market needs. Accessible from anywhere, the SkyTouch PMS provides visibility and control of operations through real-time, impactful business analytics that help improve hotel guest experience, operational decision-making, and financial results for today’s hotelier. SkyTouch provides an integrated approach to online hotel reservations that fits any size property. For more information about SkyTouch Technology, visit SkyTouch, SkyTouch Technology, and SkyTouch Hotel OS are proprietary trademarks and service marks of SkyTouch Solutions, LLC.