SkyTouch/CONNECT will empower hoteliers to unlock their hotel’s data with rapid integrations to other leading third-party technologies.

SkyTouch Technology, an industry-leading hotel operations platform, announces a new hotel technology integration platform, SkyTouch/CONNECT [slash kuhnekt]. SkyTouch is also announcing that Cendyn’s eInsight and Guestfolio, Duetto’s Revenue Strategy Platform, and Whistle’s guest messaging platform are expected to be among the first technologies to integrate with SkyTouch/CONNECT.

The SkyTouch/CONNECT integration platform is an Application Program Interface (API) that enables other applications to interact with the SkyTouch platform in a simple and seamless way. Here’s why it is so helpful to hoteliers and the companies that support them:

Hotel Owners/Operators: With SkyTouch/CONNECT, hoteliers have more control over their technology, giving them the flexibility to enhance their SkyTouch platform by incorporating the technology they need. With the rate of innovation being faster than ever, SkyTouch has positioned itself to best support hoteliers’ needs by enabling them to embrace technology without forcing them to wait for vendors to build expensive and tedious interfaces between systems.

Third-party vendors: Select third-party technologies can use SkyTouch/CONNECT as an integration specification. Vendors build the integration when it makes sense for them and then self-certify in a short period of time – significantly reducing the time required to get their product offering to market.

“With SkyTouch/CONNECT, SkyTouch can connect hoteliers to best-of-breed technologies they need to stay ahead of their competition, such as customer relationship management (CRM), guest engagement, revenue management systems, and so many more,” said Charlie Green, Director of Product Management for SkyTouch Technology. “The capabilities we’re seeing in new door lock systems, for example – like giving guests the ability to access their room with their phone or watch – requires this new generation of cloud-to-cloud integration that SkyTouch/CONNECT delivers.”

One of the first leading systems that is expected to leverage SkyTouch/CONNECT is Cendyn, a cloud-based software and services provider that develops integrated technology platforms for driving sales and marketing performance in the travel and hospitality industry. An integration with Cendyn will also bring with it the ability for SkyTouch customers to leverage eInsight & Guestfolio, the hotel CRM platforms that drive guest engagement, retention and conversion throughout the travel journey.

To enable seamless data exchange, SkyTouch is working with Duetto to connect to its Revenue Strategy Platform and cloud applications. Duetto’s partnerships across the technology landscape enable hoteliers to leverage Open Pricing for improved distribution and e-commerce strategies. A tighter integration will deliver pricing recommendations to help maximize profit, as well as real-time analytics and intelligent reporting.

SkyTouch is also working on furthering its relationship with hotel messaging provider Whistle via SkyTouch/CONNECT. Whistle is a customer service and communication tool for hotels that offers hotel staff the ability to use text messaging and mobile messaging to communicate in real-time with their guests.

“We’re focused on working with the right partners to help our customers unlock their hotel’s data and drive improved performance,” said SkyTouch CEO Todd Davis. “We’re excited about the possibilities that SkyTouch/CONNECT brings to the market.”

The next phase of SkyTouch /CONNECT will include more advanced two-way communication with revenue management, door locks, and point of sales systems. To learn more about SkyTouch/CONNECT visit


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