SkyTouch Technology, a premier hotel Property Management System (PMS) provider, announces a new group multi-rate feature for its SkyTouch Hotel OS. This feature adds the ability to have varying rates for different nights of a group stay.

The group multi-rates feature is useful for hotels that do a significant amount of group business. It enables them to negotiate rates based on hotel occupancy, providing hotels with the flexibility to manage rates in accordance with their revenue management strategy. With group multi-rates, hoteliers have the option to charge a different rate for each night of the stay.

“We understand that each property is different, based on its size, location, demographics and other factors,” said SkyTouch Director of Product Management Charlie Green. “Our goal is to provide tools that solve complex hotel business problems with the simplicity SkyTouch is known for.”

This new multi-rate feature was a popular request among many SkyTouch customers and now sets SkyTouch apart from many legacy hotel systems that only allow one rate for the duration of an entire group reservation. SkyTouch has a reputation for seeking direct customer input on new features that shape its development roadmap.

“Our customers are the ones working in their hotels every day, so it’s very important to us to learn about their business needs and work with our team to provide solutions like the group-multi rate feature that can offer immediate value,” said SkyTouch CEO Todd Davis.

To learn how the group multi-rates function works and to see it in action, visit and watch the video demonstration.



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