EMV Solution Is Available Today With Eight Processors in the U.S. and Canada

LAS VEGAS and PHOENIX, Ariz. — Feb. 8, 2017— Payment services and gateway provider Shift4 Corporation and cloud-based hotel PMS provider SkyTouch Technology today announced the general availability of their joint EMV-certified solution for hoteliers. This announcement comes after a year of revolutionary cloud-based EMV integration in hotels.

With Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET and SkyTouch Technology’s cloud-based hotel management system, hoteliers can process EMV payments to help prevent the fraudulent use of stolen card data in card-present environments while adding the layered security of point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization. This keeps sensitive cardholder data out of the hotelier’s payment processing environment, greatly reducing their breach profile and PCI scope — and protecting their guests’ payment data from hackers.

Shift4’s complete bank and processor neutrality makes it easy for hotels to adopt EMV without changing their financial relationships and gives them the freedom to negotiate the best payment processing rates or make a switch if needed.

Shift4 is currently certified for EMV with eight major processors — with more on the way — delivering unparalleled coverage of acquirers in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

Jonah Paransky, CEO, SkyTouch, said:

“The EMV liability shift has brought many new challenges to hoteliers’ property management systems. This can increase the financial burden of fraudulent transactions to the hotelier if the property is not using an EMV-compliant solution. We set out to find a solution for hotels to stay in the cloud and maintain security while still giving instantaneous approvals for guest purchases. Our partnership with Shift4 provides a streamlined path for hoteliers to quickly and safely process payments as the industry evolves.”

Dave Oder, CEO, Shift4, said:

“Shift4’s collaboration with SkyTouch Technology allows us to offer hoteliers an EMV solution that doesn’t force them into someone else’s mold. With our joint solution, hoteliers enjoy reliability, flexibility and the freedom to retain their financial relationships — helping them to implement EMV within their current operations without skipping a beat. Also, because True P2PE and TrueTokenization are an integral part of every Shift4 EMV implementation, hotel operators will always get the layered security they need to keep consumer data protected.”

To learn more about EMV adoption with Shift4, visit www.shift4.com/EMV or call 800.265.5795.

For more information about SkyTouch Hotel OS, visit www.skytouchtechnology.com or call 602.337.2800.

About Shift4 Corporation

When it comes to solving merchants’ payments challenges, Shift4 is the proven industry leader. Shift4 stands alone as the last major player in the payments space to remain independent, self-funded, privately held and merchant focused.

Our DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway comes with all the bells and whistles: pre- and post-settlement auditing, fraud controls, support for new technologies like EMV and mobile, secure connections to nearly every major bank and processor in North America, and 350+ certified integrations to leading POS, PMS, and e-commerce platforms. Shift4 invests heavily in payment security — we invented tokenization and own nine payment-security patents. Learn more at www.shift4.com.

About SkyTouch Technology

Installed in more than 6,000 properties world-wide, SkyTouch Technology is the provider of the most widely used cloud-based property management system, designed to help hotel companies meet their most important strategic objectives: to enhance the guest experience, advance performance, and achieve growth while evolving with changing market needs. Accessible from anywhere, the SkyTouch PMS provides visibility and control of operations through realtime, impactful business analytics that help improve hotel guest experience, operational decision-making, and financial results for today’s hotelier.

For more information about SkyTouch Technology, visit www.skytouchtechnology.com.

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