Minimizing operating costs while continuing to maximize property performance is something every hotelier aims to achieve. One way to impact a hotel’s bottom line is to switch to a cloud-based property management system. Identifying the operational areas that would benefit most from a 100% cloud-based system are one of the keys to improving efficiency within every department. For example, managers can carry the power of financial monitoring from anywhere, while housekeeping staff can truly manage tasks with the touch of a button.


Cloud-based property management systems eliminate the need for costly, upfront hardware expenses, software licenses, and possible ongoing maintenance expenses related to equipment that could fail or become outdated, and can help improve profitability. And, with today’s modern cloud-based PMS platforms, there is no need to hire a costly IT professional to maintain or repair the system. A cloud-based system, such as the SkyTouch Hotel Operations Platform is always up to date and can be viewed through any device with an active internet connection. SkyTouch’s Operating Platform makes your hotel easier to manage so you can keep operations running and hit your revenue goals while still being able to focus on your guests, and not on expensive and complex hardware. Having the ability to pull and view reports from anywhere, manage important teams such as housekeeping while off-site, and enhance operations through interface technology are prime examples of how to improve efficiency.


Stay Competitive with Advanced Reporting
Having the ability to view your financial dashboard from any mobile device ensures that property managers can make decisions faster and smarter to secure that their Best Available Rate (BAR) is competitive. Eliminating the time gap and inconvenience of only being able to view operational data such as Average Daily Rate (ADR), Occupancy, and Availability on-site gives managers the power to stay on top of hotel operations across all their properties at any time, making sure that each one is successful.


Improve Housekeeping Efficiency
With a busy, crowded hotel, comes a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Being able to get a quick snapshot of current room status and condition is important in improving efficiency and keeping the business moving forward. A cloud-based PMS allows the team to quickly monitor key measures of Due Out, Vacant, and Arrival Rooms. Owners and management can also track progress without the need of messy piles of paper and stacks of room attendant assignments, keeping the organization on track and effective.


Lower Costs through Progressive Technology
With leading integrations, it is simple to connect to every piece of technology you rely on to operate your hotel and help improve profitability. For example, hoteliers can utilize an Energy Management System that uses automated temperature controls to lower heating and cooling costs while guests are not in their room. Having control over these costs is important for maintaining a profitable business.


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