Part 1: Three Key Ways to Infuse Technology into Hotel Operations
From check-in to check-out, digital innovations have the potential to enhance every aspect of the guest experience. Many forward-thinking hoteliers are leveraging cutting-edge technologies and platforms in order to remain competitive in the digital age of hospitality. Following are three key ways to infuse technology into your hotel operations:

Hotel Apps. Hoteliers are realizing that digital apps can be great tools for helping guests access hotel information and customize their experience. They are offering apps to help guests ID hotel upgrades and discount offers as well as convenient mobile booking options. Some hotel apps even allow guests be their own concierge, setting up room service, nearby restaurant reservations, and more amenities right from their mobile devices.

Social Media. An active social media presence allows you to engage with customers, stay on their radar and build loyalty and buzz for your brand. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest enable hoteliers to share images of hotel grounds and cool on-site happenings. Visually appealing posts can also give potential guests the opportunity to see what your property has to offer before making the commitment to book a room. Facebook, in particular, is a great social tool for hoteliers as it offers a booking engine that allows guests and travels agents to select and book rooms directly from your page.

Keeping it Mobile. Today’s digital-friendly customers research and book on-the-go. And they expect hoteliers to keep pace with their “real time” needs. Innovative hotels are finding ways to do just that by placing roving “digital ambassadors” in their lobbies armed with iPads to help speed up the check-in and check-out process. Some properties have upped the digital ante even more by allowing guests to virtually check in 24 hours ahead, receive a barcoded email confirmation, and then scan this code in the lobby to receive their key.

There’s no doubt that guests are growing to expect smart technology solutions that help make their hotel experiences more convenient and pleasurable. Don’t have a disconnect with your clientele! Keep technology top-of-mind in order to attract guests and remain competitive in the digital age of hospitality.