Memorial Day weekend is what many consider the unofficial start of the summer season. As this weekend quickly approaches, it’s important for hoteliers to prepare for a busy travel season ahead. In order to be ready for an influx of visitors this summer, hoteliers should focus on creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for their hotel guests and their staff alike.

A few ways that can help with business performance is by adding integrations and artificial intelligence (AI) into your system to amplify personalization, build brand loyalty and increase operational efficiency. When you incorporate these easy-to-use products into your hotel, it can boost the confidence levels of your staff that will reflect into the everyday duties that they perform, helping hotel guests to feel comfortable and appreciated.

Here are three tips that help create a memorable guest experience with a successful summer season, to help keep your staff happy and guests returning year after year.

Intuitive Marketing and Guest Intelligence

Incorporating a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, such as Cendyn, into your hotel’s property management system can help personalize the guest experience by automatically delivering communications to guests throughout their travel. Start connecting with guests before they even arrive to the hotel with emails suggesting nearby restaurant options, activities, spa treatments and more based on stored guest history or questionnaires. This type of content shows the hotel guest that you are excited to have them at your property and engages and empowers them to plan their stay both pre-arrival and while in-house.

Once a guest has left, hoteliers can help drive repeat bookings through automated targeted email campaigns. These campaigns can be customized with options to add segmentation and personalization based on profile data, helping hoteliers build brand loyalty.

Take Control of your Hotel

By 2021, Gartner predicts that 70% of organizations will assist their employees’ productivity by integrating AI in the workplace. This is great news for the hospitality industry as Artificial Intelligence can improve efficiency for staff and create a positive experience for the guest when hotel staff is busy. For example, virtual assistance in rooms, such as Alexa or Siri, can help with guest needs like needing directions to a destination in town or restaurant recommendations, alleviating volume for front desk staff. Through a hospitality management software like LodgingControls, virtual assistance technology can also help improve the quality of service hotels provide. Guests can use voice commands to place requests to the front desk, housekeeping and maintenance departments, which lessens the chance of a hotel guest being placed on hold, requests getting lost, or notes to the appropriate team not reaching them fast enough.

Communication is Key

Being able to communicate with guests through non-invasive SMS and mobile messaging pre, during, and post-stay also helps increase guest engagement and enhance guest experience. With 45% of people posting hotel reviews while still on vacation, it is important for hoteliers to keep up with guest demands and make communication quick and easy. The SkyTouch /CONNECT integration Whistle allows hoteliers to communicate with guests anytime, anywhere. Having this extra touch point of customer service ensures guests can communicate with staff whenever they need to, and it provides a constant and convenient interaction between the guest and the hotel staff which can improve online rankings and service scores.

By taking advantage of advanced technology, hoteliers can future-proof their properties, improve operational efficiency, and assure a successful peak season.


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