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University Hotels Get Educated on Smart Hotel PMS Systems

One major hospitality trend failing to get adequate coverage in the mainstream lodging media is the incredible growth of hotels on university campuses. Either owned, or operated by, the university or a third party, these hotels regularly prove to be a strong return on investment. So, it’s natural they’re becoming an ever-increasing cornerstone for many [...]

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Maximize Your Education at AAHOA Convention 2017

It’s almost time for AAHOA’s conference where more than 6,000 of the association’s members will be gathering in San Antonio for the annual event. The record breaking crowd will be visiting the San Antonio Convention Center from April 11-14 for an event that covers it all. It’s equal parts education, personal empowerment, and community catch [...]

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Giving the PMS a Competitive Edge

The property management system. Is it under-appreciated? Is it over-worked? Is it simply misunderstood? The PMS has become the true workhorse of hotels, pulling in and pushing out data from a myriad of places, and increasingly expected to do more on both enterprise and customer-facing levels. Despite this, 18% of hoteliers believe they lag competitors [...]

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It’s time our industry embraces big data and gets in front of the technology innovation curve.

Both how we work and play is very different now than just a few short years ago, as nearly all aspects of our lives are morphing from a technological injection. For our sector, it’s especially challenging as the hotel industry has traditionally been behind the innovation curve. Read full article here.

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