A Hotel Property Management System (PMS) is a crucial piece of technology that links hotel systems while seamlessly helping to manage hotel guests and a property’s operations. A hotel PMS can be considered the heart of your hotel; without a current and up-to-date system, hoteliers can experience a downward spiral of operational inefficiency, poor guest experience, and a decrease in revenue management and financial success. Having a property management system is a crucial part in running operations efficiently and with a cloud-based PMS, operational efficiency can soar.

The Cloud-based Difference


A cloud-based hotel PMS is likely to be more reliable and secure than a non-cloud system, due to consistent automatic refreshes and the environment it is hosted in. With the mobility of a property management system operating in the cloud, hoteliers and their staff can adjust rates, view reports or manage operations from anywhere at any time of day. Hoteliers can stay competitive with updated technology and focus on increasing ROI for their hotel. With cloud technology, there is zero hardware to maintain or software to purchase, and that alone can transform revenue, improve operations, advance performance and drive success.

With the cloud, hotel staff can be responsive on almost any device, which is great for multi-property management. Hoteliers can connect and operate more than one property from their phone or laptop with access to an entire portfolio, while larger management companies can keep up with each property as they scale their business.

Take Control


With a robust PMS platform like SkyTouch, you can take control of your hotel. Rates and room inventory can be adjusted based on changing market conditions from anywhere with an internet connection, onsite or remotely. Hoteliers will be able to not only adjust rates, but they can also boost online exposure across multiple distribution channels, and the automated rate management tool allows hotels to establish customized rate seasons and consistently update pricing, eliminating the need to rely on manual intervention (and potential mistakes). Through other tools such as distribution management, inventory is capitalized and controlled in one place, saving valuable time. Increasing online exposure, achieving rate parity and reducing overbooking is a tremendous timesaver for hotel staff so they can focus and spend more time on what matters most, the guest.

A technologically advanced hotel PMS helps hoteliers and their staff, while easy-to-use platforms help increase confidence levels, which is helpful in an industry that is constantly taking on new employees.

Another benefit of a cloud-based property management system is the automatic technology that updates the platform so that everything remains up to date. These automatic updates ensure peak performance so hoteliers can compete at a higher level and focus on increasing market-share. Besides automatic updates, what are some of the features you should look for in a PMS?

Top 10 Key Features of Cloud-based PMS, SkyTouch:


1: Guest profiles that can be shared across a brand so you can keep track of customers and personalize their stay, while building brand loyalty.

2: Revenue and Distribution Management tools work to help eliminate stress caused by worrying about adjusting rates based on continually changing market demand for any given night. Automatically optimize real-time guest room rates through pricing rules managing inventory value, allowing hotel operators to focus on other business areas. By powering a ‘Best Available Rate’ (BAR) strategy, you can adjust room pricing everywhere rooms are sold to better match actual market conditions.

3: Group functionality tools help hoteliers quickly manage different types of groups and group reservations from one simple location. The SkyTouch group functionality gives you the flexibility to both track and book groups.

4: Front Desk, Housekeeping Management, and Room Maintenance features enable hotel staff to update room status instantly from anywhere on property with any device, so that staff can stay constantly in the loop.

5: Automated night audits ensure business is accounted for.

6: Reporting tools that are designed to help hoteliers make educated business decisions from anywhere in the world.

7: Guest Experience features and integration platforms provide hoteliers with a comprehensive set of management tools that work to help provide an exceptional guest experience.

8: With an easy-to-use interface that is intuitively designed, you save time training and reduce the number of resources needed to operate successfully.

9: The SkyTouch tape chart provides a user-friendly space to service reservations. View room availability, optimize room usage, and make, modify or cancel reservations all from one convenient screen.

10: As a trusted partner, we work with your other vendors to help solve your problems. Our extensive integrations can help future-proof your property with the newest, cutting-edge and advanced technologies.


In conclusion, today’s cloud-based property management platforms provide an easy to navigate interface, they are resilient and high-powered, and they drive revenue towards a business’ bottom line. If you are still using a legacy system, it is time to get out of your comfort zone in order to become more successful. A cloud-based PMS is the one-and-done solution to managing your property.


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