SkyTouch Hotel OS customers now have a single point of access to/from hundreds of online booking sites.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 04, 2013

SkyTouch Technology, which offers the most widely distributed cloud-based solution for property management in the lodging industry, has fully integrated SiteMinder Room Distribution Exchange (RDX) into its Hotel OS solution, now offering property, rate and distribution management capabilities. Hotels using SkyTouch’s Hotel OS® platform now have seamless, two-way connections to hundreds of online booking sites.

“Integrating SiteMinder’s RDX platform into the SkyTouch Hotel OS® platform makes our intuitive, reliable solution an even more powerful choice for hotel owners,” said Ric Leutwyler, president of SkyTouch Technology. “Live rates and availabilities are now automatically transmitted to a huge collection of online booking sites, while incoming reservations are delivered back to the Hotel OS in real time. Our customers identified this as a highly sought-after feature and it’s one we believe will improve both the market visibility and operational efficiency of properties using the SkyTouch Hotel OS® platform.”

Key customer benefits include:

– Automatic distribution of rates and availability;

– Real-time reservation information delivered straight into the property management component of the Hotel OS;

– Visibility on hundreds of online booking sites through one simple connection;

– All driven through the intuitive, easy-to-learn and use Hotel OS interface.

Current SkyTouch Hotel OS users will have the opportunity to add the new distribution component to their implementation.

“Online distribution is critically important for both chains and independent hotels, but the number of possible channels increases all the time,” said Erik Munoz, Executive Director, Strategic Sales and Global Partnerships, SiteMinder. “The two-way connectivity between the SkyTouch Hotel OS® platform and the RDX platform simplifies online distribution and definitely increases the value to customers of the SkyTouch offering.”

In the one-year period starting July 1, 2012, hotels processed 10.5 million reservations through the SiteMinder RDX platform, generating $4.2 billion in booking revenue. The revenue figure was double that of the previous year.

SkyTouch Hotel OS is a true cloud-based solution designed by hospitality professionals. It provides hoteliers with powerful hotel operating system, including property and rate management tools, through a simple, intuitive interface accessible to any device with a web browser.

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