The world has become both bigger and smaller via emerging technologies and the data they produce. For hotels, bigger in that amassed and analyzed customer data can lead to new opportunities and partnerships both within and outside of core hospitality competencies, and smaller in that hotels can mine that data to improve the guest experience down to providing a minutely customized stay. Unfortunately, for hoteliers that are saddled with legacy property management systems (PMS), sometimes decades behind, the world is the same as it’s always been and it’s not their oyster.

A technologically advanced hotel operating system with robust reporting and analysis tools is foundational for today’s hotels. With it, management can make key financial, marketing and operational decisions based on real data rather than guesswork, industry trends or consultant opinions. Here are the key upsides:

At SkyTouch Technology we call it “Growth Without Barriers” and deliver it with a mission-critical, cloud-based hotel operating system with rich reporting features that delivers true value and ROI. The data can be easily used to understand guests better, enhance their stays and capture a larger share of wallet. The SkyTouch Hotel OS platform is highly scalable and will grow alongside a property, owner, management company or brand.

Data is an asset that’s hard to capture on a balance sheet, but it’s highly valuable nonetheless. Hotel data can be used to sell more to current customers, get more customers in the door and develop new areas of influence and revenue streams. User data and profiles can be laser focused in a number of directions to increase value. SkyTouch Hotel OS currently provides over 100 reports laden with valuable data.

At present, hoteliers are all hospitality, concentrating on what they know best, do best and profit from. But, imagine a world in which key data that a hotel brand captures becomes of value elsewhere, perhaps in an “information adjacent” market such as restaurant or entertainment. Imagine entering those new markets or monetizing your data to key players as a new revenue stream. Imagine new partnership opportunities. Imagine your data becoming as valuable as your hard assets. An advanced hotel operating system such as SkyTouch Hotel OS has everything you need to let your imagination run wild.

Information really does change lives, grow businesses, add value and boost opportunity. In this age of information, it’s key to recognize it as an asset and move through the cycle of capturing it, analyzing it and using it. All that is possible when the funnel for information – the hotel operating system – is capable, reliable and scalable. SkyTouch Hotel OS is all of that, customer-centric and cloud-based too, so that all that data is available in real time to enhance both the guest experience and operating performance. Now that’s a legacy worth building.