In the age of information overload, how can hotels best determine what guests value and want? Is it a personalized experience they crave most? Luxurious amenities? The best value? The proper analysis of data holds the key to understanding and delivering on what guests really want from their hotel experience. Below, we here at SkyTouch, want to share key insights hotels can use to enhance the guest experience.

Information moves quickly. Hotels who understand how to collect and manage guest data in a rapidly paced market will reign supreme. It is essential for hotels to have and use a feature like our guest profile, in order to capture data to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace in order to satisfy their guests’ changing demands.

Clear brand identity. Hotels who communicate their brand consistently via digital and print mediums will do a better job of reaching and engaging with guests. For example, a hotel chain should wait until its latest app is accessible portfolio-wide before introducing and marketing it to guests in order to maintain a consistent brand voice.

Guest needs vary. Whose needs are you catering to? It is essential to recognize that business guests have different needs than leisure travelers. Male guests may have different preferences than female guests. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely satisfies the expectations of today’s savvy guests who have more options than ever at their disposal!

Constant change is necessary. Technology is constantly changing and shaping the guest experience. Hotels must stay abreast of change in order to deliver what tech savvy guest want. Therefore, it’s a must for hotels to invest in technology and partners who can help them leverage the latest tools and solutions to keep pace with ever-changing guest demands.

Manage your reputation online. In today’s digital age, the real measure of ROI boils down to how often guests are sharing information about their guest experience with their “friends” and “followers” on prevalent social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For example, our SkyTouch Hotel OS offers the ability for hotels who use social media to engage often with guests across multiple platforms gain a clear advantage when it comes to creating positive buzz and loyal guests (who should be viewed as potential brand ambassadors).

Impress but don’t overwhelm. Hotels must strike a balance between introducing new technology and trends without overwhelming their guests (or their employees). While it may be tempting to rush to market with the latest bells and whistles, new tech offerings should be introduced over a strategically planned window in order to ensure maximum success. The key is to deliver a seamless end-user experience for guests!

With so many new technologies, tools, and partners at their disposal, hotels are finding themselves in a great position to up the ante on the guest experience. The key is to engage, analyze, and most importantly, transform data into strategic and actionable items that will “wow” their hotel guests today and in the future.