With an influx of best-in-class integrations and new and improved technology coming to the forefront each year, hotels are able to elevate the guest experience. By engaging with guests before, during and after their stay, hoteliers can create a memorable experience that can help drive repeat visitors and increases brand loyalty.


Advanced Integrations
Connections between the hotel and the guest provide an extra touch-point for customer service, while integrations that streamline operations can provide more time for staff to focus on the guest. For example, our Whistle feature allows hotel staff to automate welcome text messages before customers even arrive at the hotel. This real-time SMS and mobile messaging capability enables the hotel to be pro-active in driving value and engaging with guests.


Another example is our Intelity platform. This comprehensive set of operational tools provides a simple management solution that maximizes staff efficiencies while simultaneously improving the guest experience. Hoteliers have the power to be completely mobile and still track and manage all staff and guest activities.


Instant Gratification
In addition to integrations that make operations easier to manage and communicating with guests a breeze, today’s guests want to feel appreciated as soon as they walk up to the front desk. By having an intelligent Property Management System (PMS), you are able to collect valuable data and store detailed descriptions and preferences about each guest. Collecting guest likes and dislikes, for example, provides staff with the knowledge needed to go the extra mile, whether it’s making a simple gesture like offering free cookies upon arrival to a grander gesture, such as a free room upgrade or the guests’ favorite bottle of wine waiting in their room, can provide the instant gratification that makes a stay memorable and can lead to repeat visits and brand loyalty.


Knowing your guests needs and wants and having the power to reach out to them with non-invasive text messages and email marketing can also help you provide an exceptional level of customer service. By engaging with your customers from pre to post-stay, you can create a strong attachment to the brand and potentially influence customers to organically promote your business to their friends, family and co-workers.


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