Akia is happy to announce a direct integration with SkyTouch Technology, a provider of cloud-based hotel management tools. The integration between Akia and SkyTouch’s /CONNECT platform enables hoteliers to intelligently manage their hotel operations. Akia aligns with SkyTouch’s vision to support hotels in maximizing efficiency and increasing revenue. This important integration will empower more hotels to focus on providing the best possible guest experiences.

With this integration, SkyTouch will automatically sync with Akia to provide all relevant information about guests. Akia can then allow hotels to engage with guests via text message, saving time and personalizing the guest experience even more.

“We are looking forward to working with SkyTouch, an organization that is deeply committed to modernizing hotel operations and personalizing their service to each client’s individual needs. We are excited to be able to serve more hotels together as we move forward into a new age of hospitality,” said Ryan Kanoknukulchai, Director of Partnerships at Akia.

“Integrating with Akia using the SkyTouch /CONNECT technology platform will provide our customers hotel staff with a seamless solution that enables touchless communication with the guest to personalize their stay.” says Peggy Paulic, SkyTouch Technology Product Manager.

As the guidelines around travel and social distancing continue to change over the course of this year, Akia and SkyTouch aim to support hotels as much as possible in the overall recovery process. Helping hotels effectively recapture demand and smoothly adapt to the changing hospitality landscape is both Akia’s and SkyTouch’s top priority. Akia and SkyTouch have high hopes for this year, and we look forward to the future together.

For more on the SkyTouch x Akia integration, please visit https://www.akia.com/integration/skytouch


SkyTouch Technology is the provider of a widely used cloud-based property management system. Built in the cloud by hotel professionals for hotel companies, the SkyTouch hotel operations platform is designed to help hotel executives meet their most important strategic objectives: to enhance the guest experience, advance performance, and achieve growth while evolving with changing market needs. Accessible from anywhere, the SkyTouch PMS provides visibility and control of operations through real-time, impactful business analytics that help improve hotel guest experience, operational decision-making, and financial results for today’s hotelier. SkyTouch provides an integrated approach to online hotel reservations that fits any size property. For more information about SkyTouch Technology, visit www.skytouchtechnology.com

SkyTouch, SkyTouch Technology, and SkyTouch Hotel OS are proprietary trademarks and service marks of SkyTouch Solutions, LLC.


Akia is an artificial intelligence-powered hotel messaging service that enables hotels to streamline operations and facilitate contactless options for check-in, on-property communications, reputation management, and revenue optimization. Akia was founded in 2018 by a team of former Facebook engineers with backgrounds in machine learning and consumer messaging.