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Why Baby Boomers are more relevant than ever

There has been much talk about millennials in the media lately, and rightfully so. They’re what we’d call the demographic du jour; everyone is focused on them, and we can’t get enough. The lodging business, for example, is hyper-focused on how to understand this important and formidable group. Appealing to millennials makes lots of sense, [...]

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5 Tech Trends from HX: Hotel Experience, and Beyond

In the lodging business, if it’s November, it’s time for what’s called “the New York shows.”  That is, the annual HX: Hotel Experience and Boutique Design New York trade shows, as well as the American Hotel Lodging Association’s Fall Conference. They’re all intertwined, and are a major reckoning force on the convention calendar. And with [...]

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Missed our Employee Retention Webinar? Watch the Video Today

Turnover rates in the hotel are just nightmarish. It’s such a massive problem that some hotels find they’re replacing more people every year than there are jobs in the hotel. It’s a crazy situation that has the entire industry perplexed. And it’s costing everyone a lot of time and money. Industry wide, the average annualized [...]

MSI Cloud PM Competitors

When you’re looking for property management software, do you ever feel like Prince Charming riding through his kingdom looking for the match to his glass slipper? There are so many solutions calling for your attention, but you’re really just looking for The One, which is really hard when her stepmother locks her away in a tower… [...]

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What’s Your Channel Management Strategy? 

The industry calls it inventory. But for you, it’s your livelihood. So, selling all those hotel rooms as many nights of the year is an absolute must. Yet, figuring out the right mix of business for your specific hotels’ needs is a challenging puzzle. Simply figuring out what rooms to allocate to different potential revenue source is [...]

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