Turnover rates in the hotel are just nightmarish. It’s such a massive problem that some hotels find they’re replacing more people every year than there are jobs in the hotel. It’s a crazy situation that has the entire industry perplexed.

And it’s costing everyone a lot of time and money.

Industry wide, the average annualized employee turnover rate was 73.8% in the hotel industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On a month to month basis, that’s an astounding six percent of people leaving hotel industry jobs every single month of the year, on average.

But it’s important to know it’s not your fault, and there are ways you can mitigate staff turnover. That’s why we put together an incredible complimentary webinar for you to listen to at any time.

We assembled a group of top hotel industry professionals to explore how hoteliers can help save time and money while simultaneously boosting employee morale. The webinar was hosted by the industry’s ultimate insider Glenn Haussman, who serves as Editor at Large with Hotel Management and hosts the popular No Vacancy travel industry podcast.

Joining Glenn was Michael J. Tews, Ph.D. Associate Professor of the , who shared some incredible research on a trio of studies he spearheaded. You could gain incredible insight into your employees’ priorities and what drives to them to either stay or go.

For example, Professor Tews says, “Coworkers directly impact turnover and retention. Better relationships in the workplace means the employee is less susceptible to other jolts or problems. This is because of the interactive nature of hotel positions where you work alongside people all day long. It becomes impossible to avoid individuals the employee simply doesn’t like. That create a higher likelihood they’ll leave.”

Also, joining on the webinar is Larry Gorman SkyTouch Technology’s Chief Technology Evangelist. Aside from having the coolest title in the hotel business, he shares valuable secrets regarding how the right technology can make a huge difference when it comes to retaining employees.

Plus, Kenneth Rafferty, General Manager of the Andrew Jackson Hotel in New Orleans, LA and Lori Andrew, General Manager of Canadas Best Value Inn Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada join. They add some real-world examples all hoteliers in managerial or ownership positions can relate to.

The webinar also shares how you can estimate the costs of training new and existing employees. The innovative new employee training cost calculator can help you learn if there’s an opportunity to lower new hire expenses with the click of a button. You can find the hotel employee training calculator here.

The SkyTouch calculator* is a snap to use. Simply enter in the daily cost of a front desk employee, average daily cost of a trainer/manager, and the shifts required to teach a new employee how to use an old PMS vs. a new cloud-based PMS such as the one from SkyTouch.

No, we didn’t forget. Here’s where you can watch the complimentary webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNMI68RApaE


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