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Still setting rates manually? Find out how much you could save by kicking it into autopilot

The days of continually setting rates manually are over. Both costly and time consuming, setting rates by hand is not only outdated, but prone to human error. Imagine the savings you can create by eliminating all those people hours changing rates up and down across myriad channels. Plus, automatic rate setting helps to ensure you’re [...]

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A few missed dollars of ADR can leave money on the table

Hoteliers looking to push average daily rate (ADR) might not realize there is opportunity to ratchet it up even more. It’s not an indication of skill set or effort, but more about not knowing what they don’t know. But you can find out just how much by yourself. SkyTouch has developed a clever calculator tool [...]

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Falling worker productivity affecting hotel revenues

Overall U.S. worker productivity is falling. A new Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article says employers are paying their staff more and getting less in return. The WSJ article cites an August 9th U.S. Labor Department report, which found that worker productivity is down for the 12th month in a row! Read the full article here.

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How the Micros data breach shows how a cloud based PMS may help

This week, Oracle notified its customers that it had detected malicious code in certain legacy MICROS systems. With data breaches making big headlines over the past several years, the threat of stolen data remains real for individuals and the hotels they share their consumer information with. In fact, 42% of hoteliers identified “creating a secure framework for [...]

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Skytouch’s vision for the market is a pretty simple one – we succeed if our hotels succeed

A great PMS vendor needs to help properties grow the top line – and there are many ways we can do that. We need to help our properties provide better operational outcomes. Hotels are businesses – and one of their clear goals is to do more with less, to become more efficient. It’s not enough [...]

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How Millennials are Embracing the Next Generation of Hotel Technology

The millennial generation is set to take over as the most influential generation in American history. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more millennials than there were Baby Boomers. With such high numbers, it’s inevitable society will bend to meet the needs and desires of such a large and influential group in order [...]

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5 Ways the Best Available Rate (BAR) Pricing Strategy Can Help Improve Hotel Revenues

Before meaningful hospitality software, property owners would rarely reset rates. The common approach of set it and forget was dominant. That meant a guestroom was generally priced the same for an extended period of time, such as the entire season or year, with little consideration given to demand trends. For most of the history of [...]

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