Customer Relationship Management (CRM): a technology system that helps manage all of your company’s relationships and interactions with current and future customers. CRM systems can help hoteliers stay connected with their customers before, during and after their visit to the property. They can also provide innovative insights to help drive business via customer relations and targeted marketing.

Making personal connections with guests is critical in today’s marketplace. With more choices than ever and the increase of marketing through social media, it’s important that guests feel that personal connection, even before they arrive to the hotel. With the right Property Management System (PMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you can determine what your guests are looking for to keep them coming back time and time again.

By utilizing a CRM system, hoteliers can better target their campaigns to help ensure that the message and offers they are sending to guests across various channels are relevant, and therefore more likely to prompt a favorable response. For example, Cendyn’s Guestfolio platform enhances communications and drives conversion through personalized, branded communications to every guest. How do they get this information? Within the CRM system, hoteliers can gather social data, pre-arrival questionnaires and more to understand the real guest behind every reservation. By understanding guest’s interests, hoteliers can better upsell amenities, dining options, activities, spa treatments and more. These types of targeted campaigns can be used post-stay as well to help drive repeat bookings and incentivize direct bookings.

Another example of a leading CRM platform is Revinate. This platform encourages hoteliers to connect with their guests through personalized messaging while easily creating, automating and measuring their email marketing efforts. By associating hotel PMS data within the CRM, hoteliers can combine rich guest profiles, which include stay history, campaign engagement, post-stay survey answers, loyalty, and total lifetime value, into one platform. This combination of data provides easy access to hundreds of customer preferences, which can empower hoteliers to simply create actionable email marketing efforts to different guests, pre-arrival, on-property, or post-stay. Here are some of the other features you should look for in a Customer Relationship Management platform:


Top Features of SkyTouch Technology’s CRM Integrations:


Guest Insights:

Collect data and unique insights into individual guests based on their behavior and interests.


Easily create and send personalized booking confirmation, pre-arrival, and post-stay guest emails.

Property Spotlight:

Showcase the services of your hotel to help sell room upgrades and amenities, send targeted campaigns to guests following their stay, increase personalization and segmentation, and boost direct bookings through incentive driven campaigns.

Increase Engagement:

Send personalized communications to every guest, build newsletters, marketing emails, and promotions, while also advertising local amenities and the services of your hotel.

Guest Discovery:

Use social data, questionnaires, and more to understand your guests.

Guest Surveys:

Send guest surveys and collect reviews to help boost review volume, rankings, and measure hotel performance to identify areas of operational improvements.


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