SkyTouch Technology is the world’s largest cloud-based hotel operating system focused on streamlining your operations and maximizing your revenue. Through our commitment to innovation and research and development, our intuitive, simple to learn system delivers solutions that maximize efficiency and increase profitability for your business.

Building on over 1,000 years of hospitality experience, SkyTouch Technology® offers turnkey technology solutions and state-of-the art management systems for over 50,000 users across the industry. Our innovative system is derived from decades of research and development of award-winning solutions. SkyTouch Technology helps owners manage reservations, room rates, guest stays, staffing, and reporting on any mobile device so that you are connected everywhere you go.

SkyTouch Hotel OS® gives you the freedom and confidence to run your business from wherever you are – while keeping your costs down. Our cloud-based technology gives hoteliers and managers the ability to manage reservations, guest stays and room rates on any internet connected device, including tablet and mobile device. With no app required, you can safely log onto your customized web-based program and retrieve vital information you need to stay on top of your operations, improve efficiency and maximize profitability.

At the forefront of cloud-based hotel systems, the SkyTouch platform was first developed and implemented as a proprietary system. Through continuous research, development and growth, our users have been rewarded with a product that provides solutions for any size hotel across the scope of the industry. This full-featured operating system is designed to be simple to implement, learn and use without compromising the functionality needed to support our users. Discover how the world’s largest cloud-based hotel operating system can streamline your operations and increase your revenue.