Outdoor recreation can be a big breath of fresh air for hoteliers, bringing in $646 in total consumer spending (with 80% allotted toward travel and lodging). Are you making an effort to market to this significant segment of guests? Recognize that the great outdoors can bring potential guests (and dollars!) into your property’s doors if you take the following steps to market to them:

Get to know these hotel guests. Who is this hotel guest segment and what captures their attention? Realize that outdoor enthusiasts are fueled by their lifestyle. They are willing to spend money to pursue their passion for the outdoors and they typically have the extra discretionary income to do so! Outdoor guests are active and participatory consumers with a tendency to forge deep and loyal connections with their preferred brands… tap into their habits and interests to win their business.

Connect and engage with them. Outdoor enthusiasts research and connect with each other online to share and compare their experiences. Ensure that your website promotes onsite and local activities to appeal to their interests. Create special landing pages and include links to local sites, venues, and activities that will attract the outdoor enthusiast and induce them to book. Plan accordingly to target the digital spaces where outdoor enthusiasts already spend their time, post relevant content, and engage with them over social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Appeal to groups/families. This guest segment travels in numbers – as a family or as a group. Their hotel stay is typically a minimum of 3-to-4 nights, giving hotels the potential to provide a meaningful guest connection and experience. Keep in mind that these guests are not necessarily limited to one activity. Even though they may have booked lodging for a ski vacation, they are also typically open to exploring broader seasonal activities during the duration of their stay. Cater to their interests by marketing a variety of age-appropriate on-premise or local activities to appeal to their interests.

Cater to their unique needs. These active travelers carry extra baggage! Cater to their needs by offering a shuttle service to nearby activities. Ensure that your transport vehicle is equipped to hold bulky skis, snowboards, hiking packs, and other outdoor gear. Perhaps consider providing gear rentals or other specialized services for these guests and/or ensure that your front desk staff knows where to refer guests for these services. Finally, market, post, and share these differentiators to help draw active guests.

Utilize the above tips from SkyTouch Technology to get active with your marketing and customer service strategies in order to appeal to hotel guests seeking outdoor travel.