Imagine managing housekeeping functions with a simple click instead of a clunky clipboard. Hotels who migrate their property management systems to a cloud-based hotel PMS like the SkyTouch Hotel OS® system gain the advantage of making housekeeping, and a plethora of other daily hotel operations functions, easier, more efficient, and cost effective!

Consider these common scenarios. A guest forgets to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign. Housekeeping knocks only to get an irritated retort from the guest behind the door. After knocking on a few more doors and enduring more waiting, housekeeping calls the front desk seeking input. Meanwhile, the weary guest in the process of checking in must wait for the front desk to give direction to housekeeping. Nobody on-premise benefits from these common frustrating, yet avoidable, scenarios.

Enter mobile housekeeping. The mobilization of the housekeeping function prevents the unfortunate events described above from happening and directly interfering with daily functions and guest satisfaction. By accessing the housekeeping function on their PMS using hotel-issued mobile devices, housekeeping staff can gain real time access to important room metrics and engage in two-way communication with front desk and management. Who is in room 101? When do they check out? Do I have an arriving guest? A click on a room number would yield all of the essential, up-to-the-minute details. With its user-friendly Hotel OS (cloud PMS), SkyTouch also gives housekeeping staff the ability to instantaneously change the status of rooms when they are done from “dirty” to “clean” and flag any issues that the front desk or hotel management might need to address. Ultimately, users get a quick snapshot of current room status and conditions in order to keep business moving forward.

Hotels utilizing mobile housekeeping management also achieve a positive “domino” effect when it comes to efficiency and guest satisfaction. Rather than unnecessary time spent knocking on doors, housekeeping gains the advantage of turning over more rooms. With less interruptions from housekeeping related to room readiness, the front desk can better focus on serving guests. Rooms are turned around faster. Guests are happier and more satisfied. On-premise issues are addressed more quickly. Voila! Ultimately, your property yields more positive reviews and customer service rankings resulting from the streamlined mobile housekeeping management approach.

Hotels who say “No” to clipboards and “Yes” to mobile housekeeping management with the SkyTouch Hotel OS will increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and create happier guests!