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How SkyTouch optimized business critical applications & processes for cost-benefits on the AWS Cloud . . .

SkyTouch Technology continuously optimizes its infrastructure to best serve hotels regardless of hospitality trends. Partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) beginning in 2018 is one approach that allowed SkyTouch to become the most widely used Hotel Operating Platform.

See our full blog-post from Chris McPeek, Principle Solutions Architect at AWS, as well as Steve Garvey, Director of Cloud Platform Engineering at SkyTouch.

The AWS blog-post summarizes SkyTouch’s involvement and walks readers through the process migrating SkyTouch to Amazon Web Services. The blog explains the strategic plans and effects of the migration strategy on SkyTouch business performance.

The blog-post dives into Motivations, Key Steps, Challenges, and Outcomes of the migration to Amazon Web Services.