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Enhancing the Hotel Guest Experience

In the age of information overload, how can hotels best determine what guests value and want? Is it a personalized experience they crave most? Luxurious amenities? The best value? The proper analysis of data holds the key to understanding and delivering on what guests really want from their hotel experience. Below, we here at SkyTouch, [...]

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Mobile Technology and the Guest Experience

Guests interacting with robot staff? Hotel apps that make dinner reservations and control room temperature? Hotel operating systems that drive revenue for the hotel companies? It’s clear that technology is disrupting the way hotels do business and engage with guests. Specifically, the rise of guest-facing mobile technology signals a win-win for hotel companies and guests [...]

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Hotels, OTAs, and the Battle to Win Guests

Are hotels and OTAs friends or foes? While they do rely on each other to compete in the hospitality marketspace, they’ve been waging an epic battle recently to win over guests. With both hotels and OTAs vying to control and evolve the guest experience, time will tell who will come out on top. Why hotels [...]

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