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SkyTouch Technology Featured In Lodging Magazine

In an interview with Lodging magazine Steve Joyce (Choice Hotels CEO) makes it clear that SkyTouch Technology® is a major priority for the hotel group this year. The objective is for SkyTouch® to operate independently and become a primary influencer in the hospitality technology industry. “It’s a bit tricky because buying from us is a [...]

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SkyTouch Alpha Games: Reward Innovation & Encourage Excellence

Our last few posts looked at how the SkyTouch Alpha Games inspire and develop focused innovation in business. Now, take a look at how SkyTouch keeps an innovative spirit alive beyond the Alpha Games. “They might be different sides to the same coin,” says Senior Director of IT Larry Gorman. “Where Alpha Games is helping [...]

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Developing Focused Innovation: SkyTouch Alpha Games, Part 2

This is the second article exploring how projects from SkyTouch’s most recent Alpha Games keep the company focused on the future. In case you missed it, be sure to check out Developing Focused Innovation: The Alpha Games, Part 1 for more ideas on how to keep your business constantly improving. Director of Sales Nic Jones [...]

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Introducing SkyTouch Alpha Games: Innovation for Hospitality

In case you missed it, check out the theory behind the Alpha Games in our last post, Inspired Focused Innovation for Hospitality Technology Solutions. At SkyTouch, all three departments live in one building: sales, business, and development. Proximity to multiple departments allows for all sorts of benefits when it comes to development, and not just [...]

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SkyTouch Hotel OS (Hotel PMS)- Simple & Intuitive

SkyTouch TechnologyTM understands that your top priority as a hotelier is to your customers and your staff. We create a customized software solution so you can concentrate on what’s important. Don’t take our word for it- here we have Adam Hoaglund, General Manager from Sleep Inn, describe how SkyTouch Hotel OS (hotel PMS) has made [...]