Jays Inn & Suites

Sure, the 1990s are great when it comes to reliving nostalgic memories, but it’s not a positive thing when it’s your PMS stuck in the prior century. At this hotel, the GM felt as if he were living in a world without automation since his PMS required him to manually input nearly every critical operation. Discover how he transformed the way he could manage this hotel by simplifying processes by adopting a better set of tools and reports to make decisions. Continue Reading Jays Inn & Suites


ABVI International Falls

This GM constantly felt as if she were on a deserted island, awash in a world where she was unable to stay connected to critical business drivers such as SABRE. She solved the untenable problem with an investment that helped her quickly train staff, flexible financial reporting and most important the property connected to sites all around the internet that helped drive business to her hotel. See how this hotel found success now Continue Reading ABVI International Falls


ABVI Marquette

This hotel was in a deep freeze. No, not the weather, it’s premise-based PMS constantly locked up, making it impossible to service guests and operate the hotel properly. Plus, it’s GM felt she could never leave the hotel because she was stuck on site coaxing the PMS to do basic functionality. But when the property embraced the cloud, everything changed. See how now. Continue Reading ABVI Marquette


Kensington Park Hotel

The management team at this hotel knew they weren’t maximizing pricing opportunity, but didn’t have the required tools to make change possible. Enter Skytouch with innovative revenue solutions for this San Francisco hotel, which is maximizing revenue from each individual customer with unique profit building and revenue management tools in its PMS. Learn how management upped its per customer revenue while also leveraging advanced payment processing! Continue Reading Kensington Park Hotel


The Pines Resort

Trapped by an antiquated on-premise system, the hotel’s DOSM knew this property could make more money, but their outdated PMS didn’t reveal how. Plus, staff spent so much time at the basics, it cost the hotel valuable guest facing time. When the property switched to the cloud-based SkyTouch PMS, its detailed reports revealed how the property could make more money while also saving time wasted on myriad operational tasks. Continue Reading The Pines Resort


Millwood Inn & Suites

Feeling in control is critical to success. However, this hotel’s owner felt completely disconnected from his business due to an outdated and untrustworthy PMS. Plagued with lost reservations, system outages and a complete data loss, the property made a big change that brought the hotel added profitability while making the owner feel firmly in charge. Learn how the Millwood Inn found success now. Continue Reading Millwood Inn & Suites


River Lodge & Grill

This popular Oregon hotel was suffering from a serious integration issue as disparate systems simply couldn’t communicate properly. It cost the hotel a fortune in lost employee hours as they fruitlessly tried getting financial information to go from one system to the other. That is, until ownership invested in a system that alleviated that issue and many more. See how they did it now. Continue Reading River Lodge & Grill


Ohio House Motel

Location is everything, but only if you can maximize the opportunity. Stuck manually changing rates, this hotel’s management knew it was leaving money on the table. But because they were setting rates manually, they typically couldn’t keep up with their market’s demand swings and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to decipher the right rates to charge at the right time. Finally, they made an investment that ensured the property charged the right rate all the time. Learn how they solved this issue now. Continue Reading Ohio House Motel

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