Jays Inn & Suites is a premier hotel in Virden, Manitoba. Located 45 mins west of Brandon on the Trans-Canada Highway, this Virden hotel offers friendly service, a casual atmosphere and convenient location.

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Jays Inn and Suites located in Manitoba, Canada is a 20-year-old, 40-room property. With the addition of SkyTouch, the hotel has modernized its technology to increase profitability.

Core Challenges

  • Limited and inflexible interfaces
  • Manual rate setting
  • Zero remote access, limiting hotel management

SkyTouch Solution

  • Cloud-based remote access
  • Flexible, automated rate management
  • Streamline employees’ daily tasks


  • Maximized rate opportunities and the ability to update anytime, anywhere
  • A raise in occupancy during slower business periods
  • Elimination of on-site expensive hardware
  • Increased employee efficiency